Porn before their first kiss: MTR on ABC 7.30 Report

Porn’s distortions need addressing in schools say educators

As published on Melinda Tankard Reist

Screen-Shot-2015-06-06-at-10.13.09-PM.pngThe ABC filmed me addressing students at Healthdale Christian College in Melbourne last Wednesday. Some of the students were interviewed – hear how well they articulate the issues! (click on image below for link to video)


MELINDA TANKARD REIST, AUTHOR, ADVOCATE FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS: Our boys are looking at porn not only before they've had sex, before they've even had their first kiss and they think what they're seeing is normal. ...

... Girls tell us that boys expect them to provide what's known as PSE, the porn star experience. Boys expect that girls will provide for them everything they've seen in pornography and that the girls want that.

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'I am more than my body, don't treat me like a piece of meat': one young woman's response to naked selfie ask

Received this Facebook message from Tiffany. Tiffany, hearing from girls like you makes this work all worthwhile. Thank you.

facebook.jpgHi Melinda. I was really touched by what you had to say and you opened my eyes to what sort of world we live in and as a 16 I'm disgusted and amazed and what girls my age have to go through. You said something about being asked for nudes and that and personally I didn't know what you meant by that as I haven't been asked to do that... Until today. To tell you the truth I wouldn't of known what to do about it if you didn't speak about it and I'm very grateful to you. The boy asked me for a photo or video and I said no that's when he called me lame but I immediately told him I am more than just my body and you shouldn't treat me like a piece of meat and instantly blocked him. Thank you for telling me that and I hope I have done the right thing and myself and other girls are taking part in taking action on this case and we want to make a difference. I want to help girls feel like they are worth something. So thanks again you are an inspiration to us all and I hope to join your cause. Thank you, Tiffany

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