Pornhub commits crimes against women and girls

Pornhub commits crimes against women and girls

****Trigger Warning - Content warning - Images blurred but still very confronting and may be upsetting****

Context for images explained before images appear

Rape and sexual violence

The first two images shown below feature two thumbnail images of a Pornhub video headlined "Indian virgin teen." One thumbnail shows a young woman covering her face, the other shows a bleeding vagina. (both heavily blurred by us) Note that these are the images that are supposed to draw people in to watch the video. The helplessness and the blood is the appeal of the video for men visiting Pornhub. The third image shows the auto complete options for searches involving "Indian Virgin."

Other images - four, five, six and seven - show women in agony as brutal sex acts are performed on them. The title of many videos emphasise the helplessness of women and girls and the fact that they are struggling to get away but cannot overpower her attacker/s. Sex trade advocates will say that these videos are staged and the women consented. This is highly questionable for many videos like this. Even if staged these are brutal sex acts performed on real women who are in real pain. They may say "staged" we say premeditated.

Racist sexual violence

Pornhub categorises women by race. Many videos use racial slurs when describing women. Themes play on racist tropes, such as emphasising black men as 'animal-like' and black women as promiscuous, using both misogynist and racist slurs. Many videos, such as those shown in image eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelve - eroticise the sexual abuse of black women, depicting them as "black slaves" and committing violent sexual acts against them while they are restrained and helpless. Images nine and ten show the auto-complete of racist Pornhub searches. Image eleven shows the racist titles of pornhub videos with the boxes at the bottom showing suggested searches by Pornhub.

Child sexual abuse and Incest

Pornhub allows videos depicting incest and sex with children, as seen in images twelve to twenty-three. Sex trade advocates will say these too are staged, the women are over 18 and just pretending to be a child. How can they be sure? Even if staged, eroticising sex with children and providing footage of this for men to masturbate to puts all children in danger. We know that Pornhub has hosted child sexual abuse material. Recently a mother located her 15 year old daughter who had been missing for a year after seeing videos of the girl with her captor on Pornhub. It was subsequently reported by the BBC that a girl was raped at age 14 and her videos ended up on Pornhub. It was not until more than a year later that the girl came up with the idea to set up a new email address with a fake name pretending to be her own lawyer. Within 48 hours the videos came down.

Advertisements for life-like sex dolls as well as videos of men performing sex acts on these dolls are strewn across the site. This includes sex with child sex dolls, which are illegal in Australia. Anyone caught importing these child sex dolls into Australia face fines up to $450000 and 10 years in prison. 

Sexual violence, brutality and humiliation showing women and girl's pain

Images twenty-four to thirty-five feature images of women and girls enduring painful sex acts. Video titles include phrases such as "faces of pain," "struggling slut" and "helpless teen" followed by descriptions of the sex acts being carried out on women and girls. Videos also use descriptions such as "tricked," "coerced" and "crying." One video celebrates and sexualises womens degradation and destruction by violent sex acts with the title "Filthy slut's gangbang annihilation."

Women's pain and agony is treated as a joke on Pornhub. One video thumbnail shows a young girl in braids, her face contorted in agony in the foreground, while her assailant smiles and laughs in the background. The title - "She cries from anal pain and look at his "pity" face" another says "listen to her painful screams." One video showing a woman's agonised face is simply titled "funny, wrong hole." Women's torture, distress and agony is "funny" on Pornhub.

Images thirty-six to thirty-eight show a selection of titles referring to hidden cameras where footage is taken of women in private spaces without their knowledge and uploaded to Pornhub. Girls are said to be "too drunk to say no" while another title bluntly states "Dad fucks daughter." A video, likely to be a real video of child's rape, is captioned "cute Thai Girl Scout has sex." These videos are evidence of crimes against women and girls. An elderly Bangladeshi aboriginal woman is groped on the bus by rowdy teenage boys in another video. One can only imagine the terror and distress this poor woman must have felt, but now footage of her attack pornography for men. 

This is not an exhaustive list of what has been found on Pornhub and we will continue to update this page accordingly.

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