Pornography info

Pornography info

The House that Hef Built: Hugh Hefner's Dark Legacy

Melinda Tankard Reist as published on ABC Religion and Ethics. "A new angel has opened his wings!" "We need more men like Hugh in this world...

The truth about children’s exposure to pornography

As the internet gains increasing importance in the lives of young people, researchers have begun to notice children’s exposure to pornography can harm sexual development....

The Rise of Sexual Assault in Schools

In NSW government schools alone, the number of alleged student-on-student attacks rose from 90 incidents in 2015 to 142 last year. As reports of student-on-student...

Breaking news! UK porn sites forced to adopt age verification!

In a new crackdown on porn websites, the UK Government has announced that pornography websites will be forced to verify that the age of their...

Porn study reveals mental health risks

A new 2017 study has revealed that more Australian teens are viewing porn and they are exposed at younger ages than ever before.

Corporate Paedophilia: Ad Standards Board justifies promoting porn sites to children

Content Warning: Some content including in this post may be distressing, but it is content the ASB is promoting to your children.If an adult gave...

Collective Shout participates in Australian Summit Against Sexual Exploitation

Last week Collective Shout had the privilege of attending the first inaugural Australian Summit Against Sexual Exploitation (ASASE). In attendance were politicians, NGOs, activists, survivors...

Fight Against Sexualisation: Collective Shout Featured in Medical Magazine

Caitlin Roper in Medical Forum WA Magazine

We Need To Talk About Porn

Content Warning: This piece contains graphic descriptions of mainstream pornography. We need to talk about porn. We need to have a huge, comprehensive, massive undertaking...

Educators: Almost Half of all Year 5 Students Have Seen Porn

Founder of Kidz Biz Education Wendy Hill told the Sunday Mail that violent pornography is shaping primary school aged children’s behaviour.

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