Queensland Opposition calls on all states to ban Wicked Camper vans

Wicked Camper vans exploit 'obvious legal loophole'

A van painted with a slogan that Ad Standards condemned for its sexually explicit language has been spotted in Cairns in far north Queensland, with one tourist describing it as "vile".

Laws were passed in Queensland and Tasmania in 2017 in response to complaints about offensive slogans on vehicles.

Under the laws, if the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) upholds the complaints they are referred to the Department of Transport and Main Roads, which can cancel the offending vehicle's registration if the slogans are not removed within 14 days.

Queensland Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said, without a national approach, it was hard to keep vans with slogans that have breached the Ad Standards Code of Ethics off the road.

He said the laws passed in Queensland and Tasmania should be passed nationwide.

"Our Government has targeted sexist, misogynistic and inappropriate slogans on vehicles through registration cancellations," he said.

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