Rivers boss taken to court over sexual harassment claims

As reported by Smart Company:

(Rachael) Adamopoulos claims Goodman harassed her regularly, touching her buttocks on several occasions and making suggestive comments about her breasts, according to a report inFairfax.

In 1999 she claims Goodman instructed her to wear a black cat-suit and appear as ''Pussy Galore'' in an advertising campaign.

Adamopoulos says she refused to wear the cat-suit and claims Goodman then repeatedly referred to her as ''Pussy'' after the incident.

Her claim of being asked to model accords with the strategy set out by Rivers’ former marketing director Peter Abbott, who previously told SmartCompany in 2008 that Rivers used employees as models in its campaign out of necessity, a strategy which proved to be highly effective.

“It is amazing how things that come out of necessity get adopted. We couldn’t afford models at Rivers. So I roped anyone in, including staff, my brother-in-law, even my children,” he said.

“When we did the first catalogue we got heaps of letters and phone calls from people in advertising telling us how unprofessional we were. But we got 10 times more from customers telling us they were fantastic and how great it was to see real people modelling.”

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