Schnitz N Tits - Women as pieces of meat

Via the Herald Sun

A WOMEN’S campaign group want posters advertising a CBD entertainment venue removed, claiming it aligns women with meat.

Collective Shout has received numerous complaints since November about the posters advertising Schnitz ‘n’ Tits.


Jacqueline Gwynne, who lives near where some of the posters are plastered in Coburg, said she felt intimidated by the posters and regarded them as sexual harassment.

The posters have the words ‘Schnitz ‘n’ Tits’ displayed in large pink font.

“I feel really uncomfortable that women are reduced to body parts, with such a crass disrespectful word like ‘tits’,” Ms Gwynne said.

Collective Shout is a movement mobilising individuals and groups to target organisations that objectify and sexualise women to sell products and services.

The group’s campaigns manager Melinda Liszewski said the posters advertised women as a consumable product to draw business and reduced women to sexual objects.

“Having the words ‘Schnitz ‘n’ Tits’ displayed prominently on city streets just normalises and encourages the harassment of women,” Ms Liszewski said.

“It suggests the most important part of being a woman, again, is sexual appeal and how appealing you are to men and a women’s role is to be sexually appealing to men.

“The commercialisation of women’s bodies is another reminder women are second-class citizens.”

Lodge a complaint to Ad Standards here.

Complain to Schnitz N Tits 

Address: 585 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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