Serial predators in Australia's media industry

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Tracey Spicer says she will reveal the names of "long-term offenders" of sexual harassment in Australia's media industry, and has called on her social media followers to share their stories of harassment and abuse.

The veteran journalist, a regular contributor to Fairfax Media, said she was currently investigating two offenders but there are "plenty more".


Image: Fairfax

As reported by Rob Moran for Fairfax Media

"She said she has already received a number of private messages from women, detailing harassment by powerful men in the industry.

"These are serial predators who've been enabled by their workplaces" Spicer told The Australian.

"They deserve to be held to account after the way that they have behaved over many decades ... We're actually looking at prosecutions, as well as exposing these people," she said.

On Thursday, Spicer revealed the name of one "monster" from Australian TV - the late Nine News director John Sorell.

Spicer says Sorell's misconduct was discussed in her memoir The Good Girl Stripped Bare, which detailed multiple instances of sexual harassment she'd experienced throughout her media career.

The campaign comes following Hollywood scandals involving Miramax mogul Harvey Weinstein and Amazon Studios head Roy Price."

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