Sex Dolls contribute to violence against women: Caitlin Roper on Justice Hope Freedom Podcast

Listen to Caitlin Roper discuss the issues associated with anatomically correct sex dolls

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Not a ‘Victimless’ Crime: How Child Sex Abuse Dolls Facilitate Crimes Against Children

An American mother has shared her distress upon discovering a child sex abuse doll modelled on her eight-year-old daughter. 

Last month, Terri received a Facebook message from a friend alerting her to images of a child sex abuse doll being sold on Amazon. When she opened the images, she realised the doll bore a striking resemblance to her daughter Kat.

One picture appeared to recreate a photo of her daughter she had previously shared to Facebook. Read more 

No evidence child sex dolls prevent child sexual abuse, says report

The Australian Institute of Criminology has released the report ‘Exploring the implications of child sex dolls’ by Rick Brown and Jane Shelling. The report discusses child sex dolls in relation to the sexualisation of children, as an “escalated form of engaging with child pornography”, the normalisation of child sexual abuse and the risk of grooming. Read more

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