Sexist Carl's Jr burger chain coming to Australia

US chain Carl’s Jr, notorious for their porn-themed television commercials, is opening their first restaurant in Australia, with the brand declaring their intentions to continue using sexually objectifying advertising in public spaces.


As reported by The Daily Telegraph:

BIG burgers, bottomless drinks and busty bikini-clad women make up the US burger brand Carl’s Jr and the company’s first Australian store will open in December.

Renowned for its sexually provocative ads, the Australian Carl’s Jr burger joint will open in Bateau Bay.

And the sexy ads will be cooked up as the fast-food company targets 18 to 35-year-old “hungry guys” on the Coast.

One of the men overseeing the Bateau Bay operation, Lindsay Brennan, said sexy slogans — including “things will get messy” and “eat like you mean it” — would form part of the advertising campaign­.

“We’ll soon have ads on radio and the side of buses in which there will be sexy double meanings,” he said.

Read more at The Daily Telegraph.

Lindsay and Lexie Kite, directors of US based organisation Beauty Redefined launched a campaign last year, urging supporters to #cutthecarls because women are #morethanmeat. 

From their blog:

Sexual objectification (ex: Carl’s Jr. commercials) is the process of representing or treating a person like an object that exists to serve another’s sexual pleasure. All hours of the day on mainstream TV, Carl’s Jr. among many others sells the common and dangerous lie that women are valuable for how sexy they appear to others. Because women’s sexuality isn’t for themselves, it’s for others’ viewing pleasure, right? Nope.


Here’s the thing. Sexually objectifying messages (like CJ’s ads) do 3 things really well:

1. They teach boys and men that women are passive objects to be looked at and acted upon.*

2. They teach girls and women they exist to be viewed and they must judge themselves by their sexual desirability to others, rather than in terms of their own health and desires. And with that life-threatening line of thinking comes depression, eating disordersshamedecreased cognitive functioning, sexual dysfunction and inability to find satisfaction and pleasure in sexual experiences.* Suuuper sexy, right?

3. They work as a tool used to dehumanize, control, and abuse women. Viewing someone as an object is “almost always the first step toward justifying violence against that person.” It makes it easier to mistreat women when they are seen as objects – not people.*

Read more at Beauty Redefined (and check them out on Facebook!)


If you see a sexually objectifying Carl's Jr ad in the lead up to their opening, lodge a complaint to the Advertising Standards Board (and let us know!)

Contact the Wyong Shire Council.

Postal Address:

PO Box 20

Wyong NSW 2259


Phone: (02) 4350 5555

Fax: (02) 4351 2098

Email: [email protected] or alternatively use their online feedback form.

You can also contact them via Twitter.

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  • Deanna Senica
    commented 2016-02-09 03:14:47 +1100
    We hav no.decent burgers herein Australia so I’m looking forward to it. If people.excercise they won’t get fat they look yummy and so does.the chicks.
  • Robbie Fenton
    commented 2016-02-09 02:10:03 +1100
    Grow up feminists, maybe we should wrap it in bubblewrap, definitely sad collective of feminists who want to be noticed as modern day hicks. Sad, sad people, sad, sad website for shovenistic literal pigs.
    Marketing of women, grow the fuck up, life tells us that insecurity is a write off, if you do not like it boycott, simple instead of reaching out for pity, and the belief of living in the eighties. The marketing and advertising sector is actually globally comprised of 68.45% females….so ones taking the piss out of themselves. This sight is narrow minded, very sexist and wrong.
  • Robbie Fenton
    commented 2016-02-08 18:58:43 +1100
    The only people that cant lighten up about life, and Carls Jnr, are disgusting fat people who live on twitter. Very sad! Sad website for those who want to feel better about their misreable lives, a put down to feel better or reflect.
  • Deanna Senica
    commented 2016-02-08 10:18:14 +1100
    Yep I agree people are so serious in life the 80s were beter hav you seen the video clips from then .very naughty they were in them days he you only live once why winge and be unhappy whole life.them gals on add are Yumm u don’t find them offensive or sex discrimination .really. Need to. Grow up if people.think that.
  • Dan Darnell
    commented 2016-02-02 05:14:52 +1100
    Hysterical. Some people really have no sense of humor…. Jerks.
  • @ tweeted this page. 2015-10-22 09:23:45 +1100
  • Theresa Connolly
    commented 2015-10-13 11:26:38 +1100
    The best way to tackle this sort of distortion of women is to show the true health outcomes of both women & men that consume this type of food. Nobody needs to follow the American way of eating it is a health disaster. Junk food is a dying breed.
  • Anonymous
    commented 2015-10-05 15:14:42 +1100
    This company is disgusting. Bring on the complaints. Unlike in America, there is no guaranteed “free speech” here.

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