Sexual assault survivor calls out Honey Birdette advertising

"A form of pornography" 

In an article published in the Stirling Times a sexual assault survivor has spoken out against Honey Birdette’s shop front advertising for objectifying women and harming children who are exposed to it. The woman - also an advocate for other survivors of sexual assault - said Honey Birdette’s advertising is a form of pornography and shouldn't be allowed in shopping centres. 

The woman said she’s made several complaints about Honey Birdette advertising in the past but was prompted to speak out again after seeing Honey Birdette’s recent valentines day ad campaign. The larger than life photo was explicit enough for the Stirling Times to blur before publishing.

The woman described the impact that exposure to pornography has on children and the distress it can cause to survivors of sexual assault. 

“As a sexual assault survivor who was forced to view pornography by my assailant as a child, I understand what normalising it can do to a young girl’s self esteem, body image and future relationships,” she said.

“The human body can be a natural and beautiful thing, what is being shown in these campaigns though is not, it’s sexualised nudity and has no place opposite an ice-creamery in a mall,

“Those survivors who have been objectified, raped and beaten have very few safe havens to go to as the media has flooded society with triggering imagery.

In response, a spokesperson for Karrinyup shopping centre management (AMP Capital) said they "aimed to provide a safe and pleasant shopping environment and took customers’ complaints seriously" a statement that rings hollow considering it failed to address the  substance of the woman's complaint.

The spokesperson also claimed management had received a "handful of complaints" about Honey Birdette in the past and had  “worked with the team at Honey Birdette to address their concerns.” 

A handful of complaints

"A handful of complaints"

Honey Birdette has breached Ad Standards over 20 times. Eloise Monaghan, CEO either ignores Ad Standards complaints or  openly states that her intention is to continue breaching ad standards. When commenting in the media, Monaghan mocks and insults women who object to her pornographic ad campaigns.

Given these circumstances it is unclear what outcome AMP Capital believes it has achieved. 

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