Sexual harassment in schools: Take the survey

Help us gather data on the prevalence of sexual harassment in schools – so we can work together to address it!

Are you a teacher? Or know someone who is?

Please support this important and timely survey conducted by respected parenting expert Maggie Dent – in partnership with Collective Shout.

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Our Movement Director Melinda Tankard Reist has been speaking and writing about the experiences of teachers and students subjected to sexual harassment for the last couple of years. MTR says - without hesitation - that the situation has worsened during 2022. We published this blog on the growing phenomenon of sexual moaning in schools, and MTR was quoted at length on what girls and female teachers were telling us in this recent article.

Notes student Katie wrote on her hand during MTR's talk at her school this year

A couple of months ago, we got together with Maggie and agreed we should join forces in an anonymous on-line survey to gather as much data as we could from schools around the country, to get a better understanding of the issue in the hope we could work together to address it.

The purpose of the survey is to get a general indication of how pervasive the problem is, what kinds of incidents are taking place, and how this misconduct is being dealt with. We hope the information gathered will be useful in guiding schools to improve processes and policies in their response to sexual harassment in all its forms - as well as inform preventative approaches. Schools have a duty-of-care to provide a safe educational environment for students and a safe workplace for teachers.

If you’re a teacher, we would value hearing from you. If you’re not a teacher but know someone who is, please share the survey with them! You can find the survey here.

Although the survey is addressed to teachers, we would like to hear from parents and carers too. Please share your experience with us:

Email: [email protected]

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We’ll keep you posted on the findings.



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