Articles on sexualisation

Articles on sexualisation

*Content warning- this article mentions child sexual abuse which may be distressing for some readers* In January, the United Nations released the Report of the Special Rapporteur on the sale and sexual exploitation of children, including child prostitution, child pornography and other child sexual abuse material, containing an overview of the main...

JLo has responded to criticisms over her sexualised SuperBowl 2020 Halftime performance with Shakira. "The message was really about women and Latinos raising their voices and stepping up. And not being afraid to stand up for yourselves." "Everything I want to pass onto my not just my daughter, but to...

Media Release via University of South Australia

Ultra Tune has launched its latest "unexpected situations" TV ad to advertise its roadside assistance service. The ad, a knock-off of 1990’s action drama Baywatch, opens with Warwick Capper ogling Pamela Anderson who starred in the series from 1992-1997. This is the latest in a long series of Ultra Tune ads routinely...

KFC stereotypes women - and young boys - in new TV ad

We have previously exposed major shopping app Wish selling lifelike, child-sized sex dolls marketed for men's sexual use. These products exist to aid users in their fantasies of raping children.  In Australia, under the Combatting Child Sexual Exploitation Legislation Amendment Bill 2019, child sex dolls are classified as child pornography material....

And ignores the global research in the process The latest case reports from the ad industry's self regulatory body, Ad Standards, have been published and for the third month in a row Honey Birdette's porn themed ads have been given the green light for display in family friendly shopping centres. ...

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