WIN: Pinterest removes sexualised teen images

We recently discovered that Pinterest was hosting content that exploited and sexualised teen girls. A user had created a board called 'Teen cameltoes' and was uploading content focusing on young girls genital regions. When a Collective Shout supporter reported it, Pinterest reviewed and decided the content could stay. The supporter then sent us screen shots and Pinterests determination.


We then raised the issue with Pinterest's Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand highlighting the latest research on the harms of the sexual objectification of women and asking them to take another look at this content. 

Less than 24 hours later we received a reply stating that the 'Teen Cameltoes' board does violate their policies, that it was "reactivated in error", and has now been deactivated. 

This is a great outcome but we've got some further questions for Pinterest.

What penalties are in place, if any, for the creator of the board? Are they banned from using your platform going further?

If a user such as this shows an interest in sexualised pictures of potential minors (via the use of his title Teen) do you ever report to authorities?

What training and guidelines do the moderators use for determining if a board or picture is a violation of policies or not? 

It's hard to understand how this board was 'reactivated'.
If you see any content online that is harmful to women or girls take action! Lodge a complaint with the platform and the relevant regulator such as eSafety. Speaking out does make a difference. 

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  • Coralie Alison
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