SHEIN flogs see-through g-strings for toddler girls

SHEIN clothing, toys sexualise kids

Yes, you read that heading right.

Online fast-fashion retail giant SHEIN is flogging a range of uber hi-cut “toddler bodysuits” for 4-7 year old girls. 

The bodysuits - promo'd as part of 2-piece pants sets - are designed to expose the wearer's hip bones. They also signal that a g-string is being worn beneath the bottoms.


One body suit, featuring a female anime style character, is described as ‘semi sheer’.

We spotted similar products for girls aged 8-12 on SHEIN:

The high cut style of the girls' bodysuits bears striking resemblance to that of SHEIN's range of bodysuits for (adult) women.

'Front wedgie' fashion for women, as promoted by major online retailers.


'Squishy penis' found in kids toy packs

A former SHEIN customer who has been monitoring SHEIN’s behaviour around the sexualisation of minors contacted us about a concerning post on SHEIN Lovers Australia Facebook group. The group has over 40k members - predominantly women in Australia who share their experience with SHEIN.

A mother had purchased the ‘10pcs Cartoon Design Random Mochi Squishy Toy’ off SHEIN just to find out it included a penis and breast-shaped squishies too. Apparently surprised, the mother flagged it on the SHEIN Lovers Australia Facebook group by posting a photo.

SHEIN has a stand alone listing for the penis-shaped toy where it is described as 'not intended for children'.

How did disembodied miniature breast and penis shaped toys end up in kids' squishy packs?

We might accept this as a ‘one off’ mistake by SHEIN - if it weren’t for its deplorable track record sexualising young girls. We previously exposed SHEIN for using a 'paedophilic aesthetic' in its toddler swimwear promos, and for turning young and pre-teen girls into brand billboards by encouraging the practice of 'kidfluencing'.

'Paid partnership': SHEIN uses 15 year old girl to flog transparent white lingerie-style item. Tagged '@sheinofficial' and @shein_us', the Instagram Reel has had views and likes from thousands of men - including one described in his bio as 'another lurking jerker'.

Last year, SHEIN was found in breach of the advertising code of ethics for a ‘sexualised depiction’ of a minor. The Instagram promo featured a 14 year old girl posed in a SHEIN cut-out vinyl dress and g-string.

SHEIN has had plenty of time to clean up its act. Instead, things are getting worse.

Take action

Kids deserve better than SHEIN’s sexualisation and adultification. Tell SHEIN to stop sexualising children!






*SHEIN is owned by parent company Roadget Business Pte Ltd (Singapore). Its founder and CEO is Xu Yangtian, also known as Chris Xu.

SHEIN's Executive Team - Source:

Co authored by Lydia Siamando and Lyn Swanson Kennedy

Update: WIN! "Toddler girls" g-string gone from SHEIN after supporters speak out

SHEIN has quietly removed a "toddler girls" g-string bodysuit from its website after our supporters called on the e-commerce giant to stop flogging sexualised kids' clothing and toys.

After launching our campaign supporters went in hard on SHEIN, urging them to remove g-strings for little girls and penis shaped toys for kids.

We're not finished though. SHEIN is flogging a range of sexualised clothing for young girls - including a see-through g-string bodysuit for 4 year olds.

We are keeping the pressure on - we want SHEIN to remove ALL sexualised kids' products from its platform.

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