Sign petition! Peter Dutton: he's a repeat domestic violence offender, reject Floyd Mayweather's visa

[UPDATE] Win! Floyd Mayweather's visa denied due to domestic violence convictions



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Collective Shout Townsville rep Angela Burrows has started a petition calling for Floyd Mayweather's visa to be denied. The petition reads:

He abused his ex-partner in front of his children and went to jail after abusing five different women – yet despite vicious and repeated domestic violence millionaire boxer Floyd Mayweather may be given a visa for his promotional tour next week.

His assaults are sickening to read about. He's alleged to have slammed a car door on a woman, then repeatedly punched her in the backseat. And he still seems completely without regret – cockily saying to journalists after one incident "there are no pictures".

As a crisis worker in a domestic violence service and working with a women's shelter, I couldn't sit by after hearing this. I see some of the victims of this kind of abuse every day.

Allowing a chronic perpetrator of violence like Floyd Mayweather to visit Australia sends a terrifying message – that vicious, repeat abuse isn't serious.

It says if that if you're high-profile and successful enough the abuse doesn't matter. That it can be swept under the carpet. That's just wrong.

The CEO of Domestic Violence Victoria has already called for his ban from Australia – but so far there's been silence from the government.Tony Abbott said this week that he has a zero tolerance for violence against women – now they need to send that message loud and clear by banning Mayweather from the country.

Please sign my petition demanding repeat abuser Floyd Mayweather is banned from Australia – and help ensure domestic violence abusers aren't held up as role models.

"that's the behaviour of a serial abuser"

Commentator on Floyd's denial of his own criminal convictions and his comments minimising Ray Rice's violence

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  • Melinda Liszewski
    commented 2015-01-29 23:07:36 +1100
    Great work Angela! He’s a repeat offender with no remorse. Great to see the numbers climb so rapidly on the petition.

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