Sparkling OH defends sexist advertisements

Soft drink brand Sparkling OH have attracted complaints for their ads featuring pieces of fruit arranged to resemble women’s breasts, complete with erect nipples. The image is accompanied by text referencing the deliberately suggestive nature of the image, “not as guilty as it looks”. 


Sparkling OH defended the ads on social media, claiming they were “light hearted” and “made with images of real, undoctored fruit” - followed by further sales pitch. Social media users were quick to voice their disgust:

“Very offensive advertising . This type of blatant sexism is no longer acceptable in today’s society. Get with the times.”

“I’m afraid there’s nothing bold and light hearted about objectifying, degrading and dehumanizing bullsh*t.”

“’Light hearted’ sexual objectification of women in a world where one in three of us will be sexually or physically assaulted?”

We prefer the edited version:


Have you seen these ads? Make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Board

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