Staying Safe Online

Your world is online, right?! It’s a great way to connect with friends and follow the things you like.  But not everyone online is as honest as you are!  Keep this in mind so you don’t accidentally share something that could get you into trouble. 

3 tips for staying safe online:

  1. Only connect with people you know
  2. Set up your profiles as “private” not “public”
  3. Don’t share anything you wouldn’t want your parents/school teacher to see

Quiz- How safe is your online world?

  1. A cute boy about 14 years old sends you a friend request. You have no common connections. Do you accept?  Yes/No
  2. My accounts are private and have high security settings.  I am only friends with people who I have met in person.  Yes/No
  3. You have been dating someone for a few weeks and he asks you to send a naked selfie.  Do you send one?  Yes/No
  4. I like to look at other peoples posts.  If they are cool or seem nice then I will request to follow them even if it is someone I don’t know.  Yes/no.
  5. You have been chatting to a friend of a friend online for a few months.  You have never met in person but he seems really nice.  He asks for your address so he can swing by on the weekend.  Do you send it to him?  Yes/No
  6. I regularly post photos and videos on social media.  Some of my accounts are public because it means more people can see the posts and I might get more likes.  Yes/no.
  7. Have you ever shared or sent something online and regretted it afterwards?  Yes/no.
  8. Do you feel anxious if you have been unable to log in to your social media accounts for a longer period of time than usual?  Yes/no. 

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