Stop the sex industry from advertising pornography and prostitution services to children. 

One of the tactics predators use to groom children for sexual abuse is exposing them to pornography. Yet the Ad Standards Board permits the sex industry to target children in advertisements for pornography and prostitution services. 

The ASB gives free rein to the sex industry to advertise sexual services in public spaces, including areas frequented by children. They have given the green light to billboards advertising strip clubs and brothels outside schools and on busy streets, to school buses promoting the porn industry convention Sexpo, mobile billboards advertising sex shops and now, even promos for live sex shows on public transport.

Despite industry codes that require advertisers to treat sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity to the relevant audience, the ASB have consistently defended the ‘rights’ of the sex industry to target children by advertising porn sites and sex industry venues in the public space. 

We’ve just had a Government Inquiry into the harms of pornography exposure to children. There is a wealth of research documenting the damaging impact of pornography on the attitudes and sexual practices of young people, including a massive increase in children as young as five entering treatment programs for sexually abusive behaviours, and child on child sexual assaults that have quadrupled in the last few years. Pornography has become a public health crisis, yet the Ad Standards Board continues to justify its promotion to children. 

Time and again, the ASB has failed- failed women, failed children, and failed to prioritise community wellbeing over its own financial interests. They have proved they cannot be trusted to regulate themselves. Enough is enough. 

We are calling on Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield to put a stop to this. Stop the sex industry from advertising pornography and prostitution services in public spaces. 

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    Thank you for all you do. This will be a David vs. Goliath kind of battle until people stand together against such a huge industry motivated by money, sex and many times, evil. Thank you for being a voice for the few and often times defenseless. My hope is for a global momentum change.

    The world is too accepting of sexploitation.

    Thank you for taking a stand.

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    Petition: Stop sex industry promoting porn & prostitution to kids @SenatorFifield
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    I have raised daughters and now grandchildren over the past three decades. Long before they were born I was aware of the increased sexism in advertising and in the media in general. I have witnessed first hand the damage that is done to tender, impressionable and precious minds – the shame, the fear, the sense of inadequacy, the internalizing of the concept that women and girls are valued solely for the ‘pleasure’ of the male gaze. Despite my attempts to both shelter and educate my family, they (and their friends) still bear the scars and wear the long-term effects. It needs to stop … and it needs to stop now. It doesn’t need to be made ‘tamer’. It simply needs to be banned. The rights of our children to be protected are far, far greater than the rights of the advertising companies, the mass media, the sex industry and all businesses that seek to gain benefits from exposing unwilling participants to unwanted ‘porn’ (soft, or otherwise; and make no mistake about it, even the most everyday advertising can be classified as ‘soft porn’). Enough is enough.
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    Petition: Stop sex industry promoting porn & prostitution to kids @SenatorFifield
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    Petition: Stop sex industry promoting porn & prostitution to kids @SenatorFifield
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    Thank you for working to protect my children from this hideous industry
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    Great to see somebody doing something! Everything that can be done must be done to stop sexploitation. I just hope it is not too late for this generation of young people.
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    happy support this, its time it was snuffed out.
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