Submission to Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement: Law Enforcement Capabilities in Relation to Child Exploitation

Sub calls for increased sentencing, age verification and state laws against child sex abuse dolls 

In our submission on Law Enforcement Capabilities in Relation to child exploitation we highlighted our decade of work to combat child sexual exploitation. We informed the Committee on a range of related topics including Live Distant Child Abuse, sexting, self-generated child sexual abuse material, weak sentencing for perpetrators of child exploitation crimes, and the need for a fast-tracked age verification system to help protect children from exposure to pornography.

We made 14 recommendations including:

  • Use of standardised terminology in discussions about child sexual exploitation and abuse, as per the Luxembourg Guidelines
  • Fast tracked age verification for online porn sites to help protect children from exposure to pornographic content
  • Increased funding and training for child sexual abuse material investigations
  • Prohibition of end to end encryption where it conceals child exploitation activity
  • Government support for education campaigns highlighting the harms of self-generated child sexual abuse material to children and adolescents
  • Efforts to reduce supply and demand of adult pornography, based on its role in the access of and interest in child sexual abuse material
  • Public awareness campaigns around the criminal nature of child sexual abuse material
  • Increased penalties for Live Distant Child Abuse
  • Uniform legislation to prohibit child sexual abuse dolls and replica body parts marketed for men's sexual use in all states and territories

Click the image below to read our full submission.

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