Submission on the ​Enhancing Online Safety Act 2015 ​and Online Content Scheme Reviews

Collective Shout: for a world free of sexploitation welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to the reviews of the Enhancing Online Safety Act 2015 and Online Content Scheme.

Australian children are growing up in a digital, interactive, internet-enabled society and culture. While the benefits of such connectivity can be great, Collective Shout and our supporters are also very conscious of the potential for the internet to enable malicious, and illegal activities against children, as well as more broadly exposing children to harmful and inappropriate content. We share in the growing expert concern about the experiences children and young people risk being exposed to online, and the consequences of these experiences on their wellbeing and healthy

We also hold significant concerns for those responsible for the welfare of children, particularly (although not only) parents, as they are attempting to maintain their childrens’ online safety while helping them to navigate life in a digital world.

More broadly we are concerned with the threat to adults, especially women, from cyber bullying, non-consensual sharing of intimate images, and the pervasive presence of pornography that presents a distorted view of women and feeds toxic masculinity through what Dr Michael Flood has aptly described as “rape training”.


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