Submission to Social Media and Online Safety inquiry

Our call to rein in big tech 'rogue states'

Late last year the Federal Government launched an inquiry into social media and online safety. The inquiry followed the announcement of new anti-trolling legislation which would force social media companies to hand over the identities of anonymous trolls to individuals pursuing defamation charges.

In our submission to the inquiry we highlighted evidence from our almost-three-year investigation into predatory activity on Instagram.

We called for:

  • provisions in the Bill dealing with online trolling, abuse and serious threats to be expanded to enable re-dress beyond ‘defamation’;
  • quicker take down times for image-based abuse content (so-called ‘revenge porn’);
  • for our Government to continue to condemn Meta’s (Facebook parent company) planned rollout of end-to-end encryption across its messaging services - a move which would put children at greater risk of sexual exploitation.

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