Submission to Inquiry into the Rights of Women and Children

Porn + prostitution harms to women and children exacerbated by pandemic, war  

In our December 2022 submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade inquiry, we highlighted the issues of

  • sexual violence against women and children
  • the role of the sex industry in normalising and perpetuating this violence
  • the particular impact on migrant women within the sex industry in Australia and on pornography as a driver of violence against women

We asked the Committee to recognise the grave and disproportionate harms to women and children caused by the inherently violent and dehumanising practices of the global sex industry (including under decriminalisation) - harms exacerbated by war and conflict along with global health crises, economic disruption and other factors. We also urged the Committee to recommend public policy and legislative measures to ameliorate these significant harms.

Click image below to read our full submission.

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