Teen girls call out Frank Body over sexist “Send Nudes” cosmetics

A group of young female high school students have called out Frank Body over the skincare company’s product, “Send Nudes” lip and cheek tint.


The Year 9 and 10 girls shared their concerns in a post on Fusion Morning Peninsula’s Facebook page:

Dear Frank Body,

I am speaking on behalf of a group of 15 girls aged 14 to 16 from a Secondary School located on the Mornington Peninsula. We would like to enquire about your 'Send Nudes' lip and cheek tint, and specifically why you would ever see it appropriate to name a product 'send nudes'.

We all love your products, but sadly, this one is just a reminder of the undesired sexualisation that has become so 'normalised' by people and companies like yourself. And no, this name is not just 'banta' (sic) it's not a joke, and we believe it is time for you to take initiative in valuing your consumers. You stated in your marketing description that 'Unlike most men, you know how to listen'. That is quite a brave statement to make for a company who's product campaign reflects the objectifying and disempowerment of girls. If you care about your customers, about encouraging teenage girls to be more than sexualised objects, then you will act by changing the name of this product.

Sincerely, a group of year 9 & 10 girls from the Mornington Peninsula

The brand has a long history of sharing sleazy and sexist imagery and content on its social media. Sexualised images of young women covered in dirt, or just parts of their bodies are frequently shared alongside double entendres such as “Whipped for your convenience”, “Party in your birthday suit”, “Guess what? You’ll be naked in one minute” and “There’s a party in my package”.



But there is a growing groundswell for change, made of women and girls who will no longer tolerate sexual exploitation and objectification from companies trying to flog their products.

It’s so heartening to see young girls speaking out, calling out the companies who sexualise and objectify them. We hope Frank Body gets the message.

You can defend their right to childhood

A world free of sexploitation is possible!

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