The best men can be: Gillette takes on 'toxic masculinity' in new ad campaign

"We believe in the best in men" - Gillette advertisement

After viewing the new advertisement for Gillette, Melinda Tankard Reist shared some insight she's gained from speaking to young men around Australia. Read what she has to say and then check out the ad.

In my talks to young men, an increasing number are expressing their desire to break out of harmful conditioning about what it is to be a male in this world. They no longer want to try to be tough, stoic, keep a lid on emotions. They seek to be empathetic, to step up and speak out against mistreatment of young women as well as boy-on-boy cruelty and bullying. They recognize how the culture they live in has socialized them in ways that harm their ability to have healthy relationships especially with women and girls. The boys who step out of the pack, who no longer default to by-standerism, are the boys who give me hope that change is possible and cause me to accept more engagements with them- a record number for me last year. That’s why I like the new #Gillette ad and (while acknowledging it is that, an ad for a corporation) disagree with those who argue it is ‘man hating’ or ‘stereotyping’ men or ‘misandry’. ‘Men’s Rights’ activists are even calling for a boycott of the company. They seem to not notice the good men depicted...and of course behavioral change doesn’t really suit them. If you’ve somehow missed it, here it is. What do you think?

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