The Body Shop reoffends with sexploitation advertisement

The Body Shop is at it again, with their third sexploitation advertisement in the last 12 months found in shop front windows in shopping centres around the country.


For decades, The Body Shop has had a reputation as an ethical retailer. In 2007 when founder Dame Anita Roddick passed away, the company emphasised their commitment to continuing her legacy. From the 'About Us' section on their website:

"At the heart of our business are our values. In everything we do we are committed to helping protect the planet, defending human rights, activating self-esteem, supporting community trade and remaining strong on our stance against animal testing. It is not just part of our jobs - it is part of our corporate DNA!" 

However, something has changed in the last year, with the company that was once dedicated to ethical treatment of people, animals and the environment opting to use sexploitation to promote their products.

Last year their highly sexualised window front "Wake up with a big one" posters featuring of a man's headless torso drawing attention to the man's genitalia received criticism. A similar collection of posters in shopfront windows in malls around the country featuring the slogan "Get your hands on the good stuff" attracted media attention after the imagery triggered distress in a young child with a history of sexual abuse- but The Body Shop refused to remove it. The Herald Sun contacted us for comment.




The Body Shop clearly haven't learned a thing, as they have released yet another massive sexualised poster of a man's headless torso to promote their moisturiser, with the tagline "Moisture with Muscle". It's hard to believe The Body Shop could be ignorant as to the research on sexualised and sexually objectifying imagery and negative physical and mental health outcomes for young people- especially given that they've been called out for this before. They just don't care.
The Body Shop are repeat offenders. Let them know you won't be back while they continue to use sexploitation to sell products.

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