The Other Virus: Online predators, porn culture, sex dolls and robots, harms to women in COVID lockdown – podcasts, FB lives, webinars - listen here

During COVID-19 lockdown, we need to keep in mind that there is more than one pandemic. Our message has continued during lockdown, reaching thousands!

Below is a collation of the ‘best of’ our online interviews over the last couple of months, covering the ramped up predatory behaviour of men targeting underage girls on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, the devastating impacts of porn exposure on our young people, the alarming rise in popularity of sex dolls including child sex abuse dolls and robots and their impact on real women and girls, and the differential impact of COVID-19 lock down on vulnerable women and girls.

In February, campaigns manager Caitlin Roper was a guest on podcast Venus Rising, where she spoke about the connections between sexual and reproductive exploitation of women, her PhD research and current Collective Shout campaigns.

In April, Caitlin was interviewed by Derrick Jensen on her research on female-bodied sex dolls and robots, and child sex abuse dolls.

In May, Collective Shout co-founder and movement director Melinda Tankard Reist spoke with This Catholic Life about her work on the frontlines with young people navigating a porn-culture, and the impacts of pornography for their relationships and lives.

In a June webinar event hosted by the Centre for Women's Studies, University of Hyderabad, MTR discussed the vulnerabilities of women and girls who are at increased risk of sexual exploitation and violence during the global pandemic.

Later in June, MTR joined ChildSafe Australia in a Facebook live video to discuss the harms of pornography to young people, and the importance of talking to our children about porn.

In July, Caitlin was a speaker at the international online workshop Sex Tech, Robots and AI: A Feminist Response, hosted by Campaign Against Sex Robots. Caitlin spoke on child sex abuse dolls.

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Both MTR and Caitlin will be participating in the 2020 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Online Global Summit from July 18-28. The annual summit held in Washington DC is the peak gathering for those working globally to end all forms of sexual exploitation. MTR will be participating in a panel discussion Battles Won: Advocacy War Stories from Australia, Canada and the United Nations, and Caitlin Roper will be speaking on Sex Dolls and Robots: Implications for Women and Girls.

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