Three years of silence from the AFL

AFL star Lance “Buddy” Franklin still promoting porn t-shirt brand to fans

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Nena_Pasadena_Buddy_Franklin_AFL_advertising_vanity_teen.jpgWe’ve written about Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin’s pornified fashion label before.  We’ve written about headless, faceless naked women, bound, handcuffed and on all fours. We’ve written about the misogynistic content found on his label’s Facebook page, including rape jokes, a pornographic campaign video and women being referred to as bitches to be f*cked. We have been campaigning against Buddy’s porn t-shirts for three years now.


That is three years of emailing, petitioning and tweeting the AFL, bringing to their attention their Respect and Responsibility policy that Franklin continued to violate.

We were even selected by Our Say to ask the AFL a question at their players luncheon, which you can read here.

The AFL  never answered our question, and they have never given us the courtesy of an honest response.

Last year, after we blogged about Franklin, The Herald Sun picked up the story and both Franklin and the AFL received significant media coverage for refusal to enforce their women-inclusive Respect and Responsibility policy. Franklin quickly made a statement, distancing himself from the company he owned, claiming he was only a shareholder. The AFL claimed to have no power to act.

The Australian and The Herald Sun have now published an upbeat article about the Hawthorn player’s successful fashion brand Nena and Pasadena, with a smiling Franklin donning a Nena and Pasadena t-shirt.


Hawthorn star Lance “Buddy” Franklin was all smiles today as he celebrated three years of his fashion label.

[Franklin] owns a shop – the Neverland Store – in Chapel St.” 

This is contrary to the public statement Franklin’s lawyers made last year so he could avoid taking responsibility. The AFL continue to sit quietly and ignore Franklin’s appalling behavior, including verbally abusing a woman in a bar last week.

The AFL have known about this for years. We have been asking them to take action for years. They have demonstrated not just a lack of commitment to addressing sexism within the league but a failure to act in the interest of women.

Meanwhile, Franklin continues to promote the brand to over 300,000 AFL fans on Twitter, as well as using his position with the AFL to promote porn t-shirts on radio and in the media.


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  • Sharon Brown
    commented 2014-10-16 22:44:32 +1100
    My 6 year old daughter joined a school lunch time introduction… an education course to Auskick AFL. From the Auskick website “Auskick gives boys and girls a fun and safe place to play Australian football while introducing them to a lifetime of involvement with the sport.”
    She loved it and idolised her AFL coach and started to take a keen interest in AFL since.
    I cannot believe that the AFL allows one of its ‘stars’ to promote products like this. I will certainly do what I can to discourage my daughter from AFL – and certainly any future participation in Auskick, until something is done by AFL to prove that they do not condone the attitude of Franklin. I will also be doing my best to ensure that anything related to AFL such as Auskick has no place in our schools until the AFL takes some action and a clear position which assures everyone that they do not condone the messages and degradation of women Franklin distributes in his paraphernalia.
  • Cheryl
    commented 2014-10-04 11:24:33 +1000
    OMG! I just read the AFL ‘Respect and Responsibility’ Policy. What a joke! Consent is given ‘when she is 16 or over’ ? Actually, there are restrictions on the age gap between the parties, so that 16 year old girls are not prey to men more than 3 years older than her! AND advice for bystanders includes ‘walking away and appologising later for their friends behaviour’. How is this even an option ? WHO WROTE THIS OFFENSIVE CRAP???
  • Coralie Alison
    commented 2014-08-29 20:13:56 +1000
    This really makes me mad. The AFL have had a ‘Respect and Responsibility’ policy since 2005 to educate players and stand up for the women in regards to harm and degradation. Allowing Buddy to continue to exploit women with his T-Shirt designs is a complete contradiction to what this policy stands for. Unfortunately until the AFL take some action, this policy is not worth the paper it is written on.

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