Thrivent attempts to hush strip club critics

It's time to come clean

When I first heard that Thrivent Financial for Lutherans reportedly owned shares in strip clubs I knew I had to call them out. This company, with particular appeal to faith-based and ethically motivated investors - was propping up and profiting from the sale of women’s bodies as men’s sexual entertainment. 

My colleague, Lyn, first reached out to Thrivent in November last year after coming across their name in a Nasdaq list of RCI Hospitality Holdings institutional shareholders. 

Since then we have attempted to contact Thrivent through various channels with no response.

I emailed their media team for a 'fact check' on 18 March 2023 and had no reply.


I tweeted a question and was subsequently blocked. 


I asked their CEO a question on LinkedIn and it was deleted.


My colleagues comments were also deleted



Thrivent welcomed a new board member on LinkedIn. I wrote under the post and it was deleted. 


I commented on a post about their financial advisors via LinkedIn and they reported it as 'spam'.



Our supporters wrote on their Facebook wall, all comments were deleted.



Supporters wrote on their Instagram post and the comments were deleted. 


It seems no matter how we try to contact them they just delete, block and ignore.


Is this the sign of a company that is shirking all responsibility? Trying to bury their head in the sand. Brush it under the rug and hopes that nobody will notice. Thrivent are trying to quietly sell off shares after we called them out. But it is time that Thrivent came clean and explained why they owned these shares in the first place. We need to keep the pressure up. Will you join us in holding them accountable? 

Take action:

Tell Thrivent to dump its RCI Hospitality Holdings shares:

Email: [email protected]





Let us know if you get a response.

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