Collective Shout works with social media platforms in mass child sex abuse doll take down

Update: 71 accounts now gone from Twitter.

*Content warning*

We are celebrating a big win with more child sex abuse doll promoters being removed from the platform. Collective Shout have been instrumental in bringing these accounts to the attention of Twitter heads who then have fast tracked the process of suspending the accounts. 

  • Some accounts included live links to stores where life-size toddler dolls modelled on the bodies of tiny girls, marketed for men's sexual use, could be purchased.
  • Some companies offer dolls made in the likeness of real children, based on images supplied by customers.
  • One child sex abuse doll seller claimed to be a member of pro-pedophilia group Prostasia Foundation.
  • Another is linked to a Pornhub account which publishes child sexual abuse videos featuring a doll modelled on the body of a young girl.
  • One account allegedly gave advice to manufacturers on what clients would like in a child sex abuse doll. 
Many of these accounts have thousands of followers and links back to their website show they sell dolls to countries all around the world. Including information on how to get around state laws where the child sex abuse dolls are illegal. 
Child sex abuse doll manufacturing facility
We will be forwarding our evidence to the relevant authorities. 
But there’s more accounts to shut down.

Will you chip in today to get child sex abuse doll sellers off social media platforms? 


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You can defend their right to childhood

A world free of sexploitation is possible!

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