Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator

In 2013 and 2015, Collective Shout campaigned against rapper Tyler the Creator performing in Australia. This was due to the misogynistic and violent themes in his act which he was set to perform in front of all-age audiences. You can read about the history of the campaign in the articles below.

Pro-rape rapper verbally abuses Collective Shout activist at Sydney show 2013

Read more about Tyler the Creator below.

"It says women don't matter very much": Tyler, The Creator permitted to tour in Australia

Back in 2013, after a supporter alerted us to rapper Tyler, The Creator's lyrics glorifying rape and extreme violence against women, we called on Immigration...

Tyler, The Creator returns. But has true change really occurred?

For those that have been following our campaigns for a number of years you will remember that in 2015 we wrote a letter to Immigration...

We don't need to #FreeTylertheCreator- he's not a victim

Content warning: This piece contains references to rape and violence against women that may be distressing.This week, Noisey, Vice’s music channel, published a piece in...

A discussion about Freedom of Speech and Tyler the Creator

Music reviews and news site 'I probably hate your band' published an article exploring freedom of speech and Tyler the Creator. Collective Shout's Caitlin Roper was...

Tyler the Creator denied entry to UK

“Coming to the UK is a privilege, and we expect those who come here to respect our shared values." - UK Home Office As reported...

Why 'don't like it, don't listen' isn't enough: Caitlin Roper writes about Tyler the Creator for SMH

Caitlin Roper writes about the campaign against Tyler the Creator for the Sydney Morning Herald

Frontier Touring confirms Tyler the Creator's Australian tour cancelled

Frontier Touring has confirmed that Tyler the Creator will not be visiting Australia. The announcement was posted on Frontier Touring's Facebook page today:

Collective Shout responds to common arguments from Tyler the Creator fans

Over the course of our Tyler the Creator campaign, we've received hundreds of Facebook comments, emails and tweets from fans of Tyler the Creator. Many...

Coralie Alison discusses Tyler the Creator and online abuse on The Project

Coralie Alison appeared on Channel 10's The Project to discuss Collective Shout's campaign against US rapper Tyler the Creator

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