Typo withdraws porn themed products

[UPDATED] But some items still appear on its website. Take Action.

Collective Shout supporters have taken to social media over the festive season, launching a campaign against stationery retailer 'Typo' for selling porn themed products.


Images of these items were posted on our Facebook page and one woman - Tess Corkish - created an online petition calling on Typo to withdraw the products:


The issue was quickly picked up by media and discussed on Sunrise.

Typo has announced via an email sent to Philippa that they will be withdrawing "porn is my saviour" travel mugs and "various other items" from their stores. Collective Shout welcomes this decision and calls on Typo to be proactive in ensuring that none of their products sexualise, exploit or degrade women and children.

Typo is part of the Cotton On group. Cotton On Kids sparked anger in 2009 for selling sleazy baby rompers and slogan tees for children. A social media backlash pressured them into withdrawing over 40,000 of these items from stores.

But Cotton On is still not in the clear. Like City Beach, Factorie and Universal stores, they continue to push porn to young people via their porn themed t-shirt range. Please 'like' Say No to Porn T-shirts on Facebook.

We call on retailers to make proactive decisions now, before they are faced with a PR nightmare and a tarnished reputation. Not all publicity is good publicity.  No doubt Collective Shout supporters will be keeping watch to make sure Typo keeps its word.

This is the statement Typo shared on their Facebook page in response to complaints. 


Typo has missed the point. It's not just about the kids. It's about objectification, sexism and degradation of women. Women are not 'dirty' nor are they 'entertainment for men.' If an adult or 'young adult' as they describe their target market used these items at a university, library or work place, others would have a right to complain. Of course children's exposure to these items is an issue as it sends a negative message to them about the value and role of women and girls in society.


Typo is still selling porn-themed products via its website. Contact Typo here and ask them to remove all porn-themed products from stores and their website. Also post a message to Typo's Facebook page here.

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