New year...same old sexist rubbish from UltraTune

Well UltraTune are at it again. Another year, another sexist ad campaign airing during the Australian Open, and viewers aren't happy. Continuing with their theme of 'Unexpected Situations' the 7th ad in the series is just as cringeworthy as the previous ones. The latest instalment features serial abuser Charlie Sheen and Warwick Capper *Insert eyeroll*. In 2018 UltraTune's ad featured rapist and woman basher Mike Tyson. Can you see a theme? 


Last year the Ad Standards community Panel upheld complaints against an UltraTune ad featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme due to violence towards women.

"In the Board’s view the advertisement did portray violence that was unjustifiable in the context of the service advertised and did breach Section 2.3 of the Code."


Click to read full Case Report

Collective Shout had called for Charlie Sheen's visa to be denied and revoked ahead of his visit to Australia last year. Despite our open letter to Immigration detailing his long history of serial violence against women, Sheen was allowed into the country to complete his speaking tour and film an ad for Ultra Tune.

We have written about UltraTune's sexist advertising for the past 6 years and every year more and more people vow to never use their services. Objectifying women to sell products and services is not only lazy marketing but the research shows us that it doesn't actually lead to more sales. 

We've collated just a few of the responses to UltraTune's latest ad campaign below:

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