Unilever and Kraft Heinz pledge to never advertise on Pornhub

"We will ensure that none of our brands advertise on Pornhub again, or on any other porn sites."

Unilever, the company responsible for brands like Dove and Lynx has vowed to stop advertising on Pornhub. The announcement follows a report by the Sunday Times which exposed Pornhub's illegal content. The site hosts spy cam footage of women and girls, videos of men performing sex acts in front of teenagers in public and  ‘creep shot’ videos of school girls. 

In a statement published by the BBC, a Unilever spokesperson said:

“This type of content is deeply troubling, and we will ensure that none of our brands advertise on Pornhub again, or on any other porn sites.

“Dollar Shave Club has also confirmed that they will not advertise with Pornhub again, or on any other porn sites.”

Kraft Heinz - which had touted their “food porn” campaign as “unconventional and provocative” initially refused to rule out future advertising on the site. Following pressure from The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, the company announced:

“We are very sorry we disappointed you as that is never our intent with our marketing. Kraft Heinz has pledged not to advertise or promote any of its brands on Pornhub or other similar sites.”

A website which Unilever once considered to be an acceptable place to advertise is now "Deeply troubling." How can these companies not have known? One doesn't have to look too long at Pornhub to find misogyny, racism and eroticising of child sexual abuse.

Have we become so desensitised to this that we just don't see it anymore?


We’ve called out Pornhub for years and have focussed especially on calling out mainstream news outlets promoting the site's publicity stunts.


This is a website hosting footage of brutality against women and girls for mens entertainment. What we have found is not 'sex' its torture. 

In plain sight: Pornhub profits from distributing evidence of crimes against women and children  

Child sexual exploitation

A 15 year old girl missing for almost a year has been located by authorities after her mother found almost 60 videos of the girl on Pornhub.


Christopher Johnson, 30, was arrested and charged with lewd battery on a victim between 12 and 16.

There has been no news of any charges against Pornhub for distribution of child abuse material.

Sex trafficking

In August this year it was reported that 22 women were suing the owners of porn label Girls do Porn for fraud, claiming they were lied to and tricked into making porn. Despite this, Pornhub continued to host Girls do Porn as an offical Pornhub channel.

On October 10, 3 men and 1 woman were arrested and charged with sex trafficking offences. One of the men fled the US and remains a fugitive at large. Even then, it took 3 days for Pornhub to remove the official channel from its site and no time at all for those videos to be re-uploaded by other porn users. Older pirated uploads of Girls do Porn films elsewhere on the site were not removed. These videos are easily found, showing that Pornhub has gone to no effort to protect the rights of these women.


Deepfake Porn

'Deepfakes' are audio or visual recordings that have been faked but look exactly like the real thing. In Deepfake porn another persons face can be superimposed over the face of a porn performer. The result is so realistic that it would be hard to tell whether the footage was deep faked unless someone told you. 

Pornhub continues to violate women by hosting Deepfake videos of non-consenting women on the site. Despite claiming it would ban Deepfake videos there is no evidence to suggest that Pornhub is taking this issue seriously. 


We will continue to call out Pornhub and anyone who affiliates with the site.

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