Victoria introduces legislation to deregister sexist Wicked Campers

The Victorian Government has introduced new legislation that will force vehicle owners displaying offensive images or slogans to remove them or face being deregistered.

Under the legislation, any Victorian registered vehicle that displays sexist, obscene or offensive slogans can be referred to the Ad Standards Community Panel, which will review it against the Australian Association of National Advertisers Code of Ethics.

If the Panel finds the ad breaches the code, then the image/slogan must be removed – or the vehicle’s registration will be cancelled.

Once passed, Victorian law will be consistent with laws already in operation in Queensland, Tasmania and the ACT, and help get vehicles displaying sexist, offensive or obscene slogans off our roads.

Minister for Roads Jaala Pulford said:

“There is no excuse for displaying vile, sexist or offensive messages on vehicles which is why we’re taking this action to take those vehicles off our roads.”

“I encourage anyone who sees a vehicle with sexist or offence slogans to report it to the Department of Transport to help deliver the message that these vehicles are not welcome on Victorian roads.”

Collective Shout have been campaigning against sexist Wicked Camper vans for 10 years, calling on governments and regulatory bodies to update policies. 

In August this year each state agreed to deregister vans that did not remove offensive slogans following a complaint, and to ensure the van could not be re-registered in another jurisdiction. This national approach would ensure this problem would be solved once and for all.

Thank you to our supporters for standing with us and speaking out. This change is possible because of you!  

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