Victory! New Roxy Pro France trailer all surf, no sexploitation

Last year over 22,000 people signed a petition calling on Roxy to pull their 'all sex no surf' promo for the 2013 Pro Biarritz women's surf comp.

roxy_all_sex_no_surf_petition.jpgThe trailer featured a faceless woman writhing around semi-naked in bed and showering, many long lingering shots of her breasts and backside and no surfing whatsoever.

Three-time women's world longboard champion Cori Schumacher started the petition calling on Roxy to pull the ads, stating that the style of marketing contributed to the sexual objectification of women in our culture and was not "conducive to a healthy, empowered vision of women."  

Here's the latest update from Cori:

It has been one year since you supported this petition and I walked it into the Roxy Global headquarters in Orange County, California.

The executives didn't give me much in the way of information or plans for future representations of women's professional surfing, so we had to play a waiting game.

I'm happy to inform you that this year's trailer looks MUCH different than last year's!

A heartfelt thank you for sending such a strong message to Roxy and the rest of the surf industry to "Stop Your All Sex No Surf Ads!" Your voices were heard!

Many Thanks and Kind Regards Always,

Cori Schumacher

Your voice matters and we can make a difference! 

See Cori Schumacher's blog for more on the representation of women in surfing:

Roxy Pro Trailer One year later


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