Violence Against Women: Does Technology Harm or Hinder?

MTR delivers a virtual presentation at the Commission on the Status of Women in New York

The global porn industry runs primarily on the backs of women and girls and disseminates sexual exploitation primarily online.

It is a mammoth dispenser of sexualised violence and misogyny; the world’s most powerful sexual groomer.

It is also the world’s largest department of education. Many titles feature the sexual abuse and rape of teen and underage girls. When the war in Ukraine broke out, the most popular search term on porn sites was for ‘Ukrainian girl’.

The mass dehumanization of women and girls in mainstream pornography leads to an epidemic of violence against them. We are confronted with Big Tech at its worst.

Young men are learning to take pleasure in and get off on torture and humiliation videos, fed a diet of rape porn and racist sexual abuse. Schoolboys entertain each other with gang rape video and girls are reduced to porn fantasy sex props.

The global research establishes pornography as a driver of violence against women and girls.

Watch the entire presentation here.

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