We shouldn't have to look at soft porn in shopping centres

Campaign to end Honey Birdette's porn-style advertising featured in 10 Daily

Honey Birdette has once again become a hot topic in the media over risqué floor-to-ceiling advertisements in their Westfield shopping centre stores across Australia.

This time last year, Melbourne father Kenneth Thor started a Change.org petition to stop Honey Birdette from using porn-style advertising in family-friendly shopping centres after his two young children were exposed to images he felt “depicted women in hyper-sexualised poses and various states of undress, introducing concepts of pornography and sexuality to a hapless public, including little 4-year-old girls like my daughter”.

Yet managing director Eloise Monaghan dismissed the petition, stating it ridiculous to label the advertisements as porn, even though Honey Birdette have had three of their recent adverts accused of being in line with the porn industry, as well as just receiving their 20th advertisement ban by Ad Standards, with the advert deemed over-sexualised based on the complaints it received.

However, both Honey Birdette and Westfield have failed to take action against the complaints and the petition has regained momentum after Melinda Tankard Reist, co-founder of Collective Shout, a grass-roots campaigning movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media and advertising, posted an image on her Facebook page with a link to the petition, commenting, “Bought to you by that #malechampionofchange Scentregroup Westfield (full size window display at my local Westfield this afternoon). Help us reach 100,000 signatures by Christmas!” 

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