Wicked Camper Vans To Be Outlawed By New QLD Legislation

For years Wicked Campers have been breaching the advertising code of ethics with the Advertising Standards Board powerless to do anything about it. Each time a complaint is made to the ASB, Wicked Campers do not respond. Each time a complaint is upheld, Wicked Campers refuses to take action and have the slogan painted over. 

Collective Shout wrote to the Minister for Communications, Mitch Fifield earlier this year highlighting the failures of the current system. In his reply he claimed that the self regulatory system that is currently in place is working. 

Now in new changes to Queensland legislation introduced in Parliament on Tuesday the vehicles will be de-registered until the offending slogans are removed. State premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said there was "no place in Queensland for sexist, misogynistic rubbish on full display"

Screenshot_2016-11-09_08.03.24.pngThis is a welcome change for activists who have been campaigning against the harmful slogans since they first appeared on Australian roads. Collective Shout has been highlighting the connection between sexist jokes, objectification of women and the links to violence against women for years. To create true change we need to address the root causes of violence against women. 

We hope that other states will follow suit. 


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