Wicked Campers

Wicked Campers

For more than a decade, Wicked Camper vans have spread their harmful anti-women messages through degrading artwork and slogans across Australian roads. The company is notorious for its sexually explicit slogans and imagery, some advocating rape and extreme violence against women, including murder.

Music festivals called on to ban Wicked Campers

Music media platforms have written about our campaign calling on Australian music festivals to ban Wicked Campers. Read the coverage below: Splendour In The Grass...

Why we’re calling on music festivals to ban all Wicked Campers

We have been campaigning against Wicked Campers for almost a decade. The company is known for its sexist and misogynist slogans and imagery, including content...

Wicked Campers rape slogan is why we need nationwide legislation

This Wicked Campervan was spotted in Brisbane last week with Victorian licence plates: (pic: Boycott Wicked Campers Facebook) Under existing laws, there is nothing to...

Wollombi bans Wicked Campers. Others must do the same.

Earlier this year news broke that festival promoter Adrian Buckley had made the executive decision to ban Wicked Camper vans from all future Wollombi music...

Wicked Campers fails to respond to Ad Standards, triggering new Qld legislation to de-register offending vehicle

Qld registered Wicked Camper van (registration 035 YML) with the slogan: ‘You obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck’

“Waking up is…” Wicked Campers Ad Standards complaint dismissed

"The slogan has obvious sexual innuendo attached to it."

Not harmless, not funny: Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission supports bill to ban Wicked Campers

'Humour' that demeans women and trivialises family violence is not funny

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