Wicked Campers

Wicked Campers

For more than a decade, Wicked Camper vans have spread their harmful anti-women messages through degrading artwork and slogans across Australian roads. The company is notorious for its sexually explicit slogans and imagery, some advocating rape and extreme violence against women, including murder.

"The best thing about..." Ad Standards upholds Wicked Campers complaints

Wicked Campers ignores ruling; is referred to Qld Department of Transport and Main Roads for enforcement

"A great last minute gift" Ad Standards reprimands Wicked Campers for explicit slogan

Qld Transport suspends registration under new laws

"Mr White can make blue can you?" Wicked Campers in breach of Ad Standards

"Breaking Bad" crystal meth reference stylised to look like Dr Seuss Cartoon

Cross ‘em off your Christmas List: Corporate Sexploitation Offenders for 2017

It’s that time of year again. Every year in the lead up to Christmas, we release our annual blacklist of corporate offenders who have objectified...

Wins and Highlights of 2016

With your support, Collective Shout has continued to challenge sexploitation at every level during 2016. It is because of our supporters all over the country...

Look who we've #CrossedOff our shopping list for 2016

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Neil Mitchell talks sexist Wicked Campers with Melinda Tankard Reist

As published on 3aw.com.au Sexist advertising in Victoria could soon be banned by legislation. It's part of a new gender equality strategy.

Wicked Camper Vans To Be Outlawed By New QLD Legislation

For years Wicked Campers have been breaching the advertising code of ethics with the Advertising Standards Board powerless to do anything about it. Each time...

Qld Attorney General: Wicked Campers must pull vile slogans or get off the road

Palaszczuk government moves to curb offensive advertising slogans

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