Win! Target, Kmart withdrew Grand Theft Auto 5

Win! Target, Kmart withdraw Grand Theft Auto 5

Update from Nicole:

4 Dec 2014 — Great news – we've won! Target (and breaking news: Kmart now too!) have pulled Grand Theft Auto 5 from shelves across the country in response to our 40,000-strong petition.

Here's the response from Target Australia:

The petition win is all over the media right now: on ABC News,, Sunrise, Guardian Australia, Herald Sun, even reaching international outlets like AP, Forbes, UK's Telegraph newspaper and others!

This is a huge win. For years, games like Grand Theft Auto have got away with this in-game misogyny and sexual violence.

It's games like this that normalise rape and sexual violence. You've helped send a message to family retailers and brands that their consumers have had enough, and they've started listening.

We're now asking outlets like Big W and Woolworths whether they're going to stand up against Grand Theft Auto's violence against women as well.

Join us here:

Thank you again. All 40,000+ of you!


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