WIN! Thrivent divests from strip club shares

US-based investment firm Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has quietly sold off over one million dollars in shares in strip club company RCI Hospitality Holdings (RCIHH) after Collective Shout called on them to divest. 

We were surprised when we discovered Thrivent - a company with particular appeal to faith-based and ethically motivated investors - was propping up and profiting from the sale of women’s bodies as men’s sexual entertainment.

Over the weekend it was reported that Thrivent divested in all remaining shares for RCIHH. This is a massive victory for our movement!


Whilst we celebrate this win we also ask why did Thrivent purchase these shares in the first place? And since Thrivent have not answered any of our attempts to contact them or made a public statement how do we know they they won't invest in companies that exploit women and girls in the future? Thrivent customers deserve an explanation.  

When one lutheran pastor learned of Thrivent's activity he claimed it was 'sickening' and 'vile'.

Earlier this year sexual abuse survivor, Sarah, spoke out about how she felt when she found out Thrivent owned shares in strip clubs.

“Imagine my shock when I discovered my own ten-year-old daughter was unknowingly profiting from the sexual degradation of other women”


And rather than own up and make amends Thrivent continually deleted and blocked our comments.  


One of the claims made on Thrivent's website

Our message to Thrivent: Your customers deserve your public commitment to never invest in companies that sexually exploit women and girls. If you cannot commit to this, then you don't deserve their hard earned dollars. 

We also encourage Thrivent should donate the profits they made from selling their strip club shares to a women's charity. And whilst it appears Thrivent currently don't own any shares in RCIHH, you better believe it we will be keeping our eye on them. 

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