Win! X Factor dumps Redfoo

Win! X Factor dumps Redfoo

It has been reported that pop artist Redfoo has been removed from the judging panel of the X Factor. 

dailylife.jpgIt seems X-Factor Australia has finally got the message we find RedFoo annoying 'cause he's talking, with reports he's been officially dumped from the judging panel for 2015.

News Ltd is reporting the pop artist who released the most sexist and offensive song of 2014 was "the obvious one to go", according to Channel 7 'insiders'.

Whether the song itself was the decisive factor is unknown, but with lyrical content implying young women are sluts and shouting at them to "Shut The F**k Up" for resisting aggressive advances, it can't have helped his case. Read more. 

Collective Shout's Jas Swilks had started a petition calling for the X Factor and Channel 7 to not rehire Redfoo in 2015 following the release of the song "Literally I can't."


In the video, a group of sorority girls are harassed and verbally assaulted when they refuse to drink or engage in certain activities such as ''girl on girl''. The young women are depicted as killjoys and 'annoying' for not complying with the wishes of the male party goers.

When the women repeatedly make clear that they don't want to have sex or drink, they are surrounded by a group of rowdy men who shout in their faces: 'Shut the fk up''. One woman is pushed unwillingly onto the ground while Red Foo films for the porn site ''Redtube''.

Jas argued that Redfoos misogynist and degrading portrayal of women in performances and video clips makes him unsuitable to mentor young contestants on the X factor.

The petition received widespread support with many speaking out using the hashtag #literallyicant.  Jas was interviewed by and the petition, which gathered almost 25,000 signatures, was mentioned by by various media outlets both nationally and overseas.

Despite Channel 7 and The X Factor's silence, men and women around the world have raised their voices making a strong statement that misogyny and sexism will not be tolerated.


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