Ten years ago a small band of women came up with an idea

A couple of landmark reports had come out on the harms of sexualising girls. Melinda Tankard Reist wrote a book – Getting Real – on the issue. People were asking: ‘What can we do?’

So we met to discuss it, bringing our backgrounds in journalism, women's health, aid and development, eating disorder treatment and education to the table.

The rest is history. 

See our most recent wins here or click here for an A-Z list of wins and past campaigns.

61k supporters called for change to sexist uniform regs

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WIN! Playboy ANZ forced to remove false retailer listings from website following supporter action

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2 hours to take down Cat Mountain’s porn-themed ads

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We've had another major #WakeUpInstagram win, with Instagram's rollout of new tools to help protect underage users from predators on the platform including:

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The annual roundup - be encouraged! Help us achieve more WINS in 2021 - click here to give

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Update- Win! Bakers Delight has advised the poster will be pulled from stores.

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You can defend their right to childhood

A world free of sexploitation is possible!

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