Ten years ago a small band of women came up with an idea.

A couple of landmark reports had come out on the harms of sexualising girls. Melinda Tankard Reist wrote a book – Getting Real – on the issue. People were asking: ‘What can we do?’

So we met to discuss it, bringing our backgrounds in journalism, women's health, aid and development, eating disorder treatment and education to the table.

The rest is history. 

Check out our wins here.

Collective Shout welcomes Alibaba’s removal of child sex abuse doll listings

Media Release Collective Shout welcomes Alibaba’s removal of child sex abuse doll listings from global platform Collective Shout welcomes the actions of e-commerce giant Alibaba...

Bubba Pizza withdraws sexist pizza boxes

"Bubba Pizza has made the decision to cease the printing of pizza boxes with the term ‘ball and chain’ and will be withdrawing these boxes...

Win! "Wife Basher" t-shirt withdrawn from sale

Owner of Krazy Tees pulls shirt from sale following public pressure

Picture and People mags: Gone for good!

Racist, sexist: why porn mags had to go

Our best year ever! Wins and highlights of 2019

What a year! Our team is tired...but elated. This year has seen us achieve some of our biggest wins in our 10-year history: and you...

Media Release: BP removes sexist mags after Collective Shout pressure

Following calls for BP service stations to stop profiting from sexist magazines, sexualising teen girls and encouraging sexual harassment, the service station chain has announced...

Breaking! 7-Eleven CEO instructs 700 stores to remove porn mags

Angus McKay has heard your messages loud and clear. Thanks to you, all 700 7-Eleven stores have been instructed to remove pornographic Picture and People...

*WIN* Australian states and territories to adopt national approach against Wicked Campers sexism

After a decade of Collective Shout campaigning against Wicked Campers sexist and degrading slogans and imagery, we are excited to announce our calls for uniform...

Belle Delphine and the eroticisation of child sexual exploitation on Instagram

[UPDATED] WIN! We call on Instagram to stop providing a platform for normalising the eroticisation of children

You can defend their right to childhood

Everyday our young people are exposed to more brands continuing to sexualise girls and objectify women. You can bring change to this sexploitation, stop companies from degrading women and prevent its devastating effects on young people.

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