This is what leadership looks like: Wollombi Music Festival bans all Wicked Campers

"Not just if a van has a demeaning slogan. If ANY Wicked Camper turns up at the fest they won’t be welcome."

Wollombi Music Festival will no longer allow Wicked Campers on festival grounds due to what organisers described as the “pathetically unfunny and misogynistic” slogans painted on its vans. In a strongly worded statement published on Scenestr, festival organiser Adrian Buckley made clear that ALL Wicked Campers are banned, not just those with offensive slogans. Here's the statement in full:

As a festival we’ve worked hard to not only grow as an event but also as an event dedicated to doing good things in and beyond our community.

We’re great believers in embracing inclusivity and diversity at Wollombi and creating a space where everyone can feel comfortable, safe and enjoy themselves. Love is the driving value of Wollombi. Love for music, love for the arts and love for each other.

For years we’ve had concerns about any Wicked Campers turning up at the festival with some of their pathetically unfunny and misogynistic slogans splattered across its panels. We’ve actively discouraged people from hiring them and encouraged patrons to look elsewhere, but this year we’ve decided to ban them full-stop. Not just if a van has a demeaning slogan. If ANY Wicked Camper turns up at the fest they won’t be welcome.

We know other events like Splendour have voiced their opposition, but we’re not sure if any other festival has banned them outright. We know we’re small, but any impact we can have on changing the culture of demeaning and abusing women disguised as good fun or an example of free speech we will.

We want other festivals in Australia to join us and let Wicked Campers and their sociopathic owner John Webb know abuse of women has to stop and Wicked Campers needs to change.

When Collective Shout posted the Scenestr article on Facebook along with an excerpt of Adrian's statement we were met with a huge response, many people shared the article and went on to post supportive messages on Wollombi Music Festival's Facebook page.



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