Your Victorian election candidates need to hear from you!

Tell your MP you want to see an end to sexualisation and objectification and that your vote depends on their action!

The Victorian State Election is this Saturday Nov 24 and now is the perfect time to contact your local member and ask them where they stand on issues important to you. 

You can help make Australia a place where girls and women are treated with respect by telling your MP how you feel about the objectification of women, sexualisation of girls, and pornification of society.

We need our political leaders to act, but they will only take action if they see there is a demand for change.

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How to contact your MP

Here are a few ways you can connect with your Member of Parliament:

  • Request a 15-minute meeting by contacting their office.
  • Email or call them with your thoughts.
  • Approach them at advertised events and public visits.

The Political parties keep tabs on the issues constituents are raising with them, so make your views known!

Some of the Political parties have published online directories for their candidates (parties are listed in alphabetical order).

  • Australian Greens
  • Australian Labor Party
  • The Liberal Party of Australia
  • The National Party of Australia

What to say

Advertising self regulation is not working and companies like Wicked Campers and Honey Birdette continue to breach the code of ethics without consequences. 

We’ve created a printable summary of issues to raise with your MP.

View Printable Summary

You can find more facts to back your position here:

Thank you for speaking up to help create a better future for Australian girls and women!

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You can defend their right to childhood

A world free of sexploitation is possible!

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