Zoo Weekly

Zoo Weekly is an 'unrestricted' pornographic magazine. This means the classification board has determined that there should be no real age limit on who can buy these magazines. Complaints to classifications about pornographic content have been rejected, with the magazine being deemed as 'mens lifestyle.' 


*Caution - explicit content* Click here to view examples of content being pushed to teenage boys 

See below for previous campaigns and articles about Zoo Weekly.

Video: Coles and Woolworths sells Zoo Weekly porn mag to children

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Zoo Identity

The portrayal of women in Zoo Weekly The piece 'Zoo Identity' is a compilation of written descriptors of women taken directly from the March 2015...

Sign petition! Tell Coles and Woolworths to bin all-ages porn mag Zoo Weekly

Click here to sign view petition! (Now closed) [UPDATE] We Win!

Zoo Weekly's ANZAC Furore: What About the War on Women?

By Melinda Tankard Reist Zoo Weekly has suffered a volley of artillery fire over its April "Special Commemorative Issue" marking the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli landing.

Who said it: Rapist or Lads Mag?

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Zoo turns back on ruling, continues its women-hating ways

More misogyny from Zoo as Ad Standards Board ruling ignored

Zoo Weekly: because chopping women in half is 'men's lifestyle'

"More Australian men buy and read ZOO than any other magazine in the country – that’s a fact." - ACP Magazines, Zoo Magazine distributor

Victory! Zoo apologises for 'hottest asylum seeker' competition

The petition calling on ZOO magazine to apologise and scrap its 'hottest asylum seeker competition' accumulated over 6000 signatures. 

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