Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigning movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture.

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24 Apr
Lonely Planet removes Wicked Campers from travel guide

Collective Shout's Coralie Alison and Sydney activist and educator Paula Orbea asked Lonely Planet to stop promoting misogynist camper van hire company. Lonely Planet responded: “thanks for flagging this important matter, Coralie. Listing was removed from our Australian 18 guide (produced last year; hitting shelves in Nov)…the listing still on... Read more

20 Apr
"A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to want to take it off you" - Cotton On removes degrading changeroom wallpaper

Cotton On has announced it will remove changeroom wallpaper which featured a message that reduced women to sexual objects.  Jennifer Reynoldson told the Herald Sun that she was disgusted by the wallpaper: “This quote is a sickening reminder that society is continuing to sexualise and degrade women, despite the tragic... Read more

31 Mar
What we know about men who buy sex

Earlier this month, ABC’s Lateline dedicated a segment to exploring Sweden’s solution to prostitution and trafficking. The ‘Nordic model’ criminalises the demand for commercial sexual exploitation, decriminalizes those exploited, and provides exit programs for individuals in prostitution who want to leave the industry. Click here to watch the video Various... Read more

26 Mar
Sexualisation linked to rise in sexual assaults and indecent assaults between children

As reported in the Daily Telegraph: Cases of children sexually ­assaulting each other have soared as kids are bombarded with inappropriate messages and images on the internet, TV and video games, experts say. The number of sex attacks reported between school ­pupils has risen sharply in the past decade because... Read more

13 Mar
An experience of online violence against women

Collective Shout activist writes on experience of online misogyny   Caitlin Roper, Campaigns Manager at Collective Shout was asked to write about her experiences of online abuse, harassment and threats by the Online Hate Prevention Institute. Her piece was published on International Women's Day.   Recently the prominent feminist Jessica Valenti confessed... Read more

10 Mar
Video: Clicking porn fuels sex trafficking #refusetoclick

"Fighting human trafficking and then watching porn is like protesting a corrupt politician and then donating to his campaign." -     Read more

12 Feb
"Domestic Violence dressed up as Erotica" - Lisa Wilkinson's review of 50 Shades of Grey

Read more

04 Feb
Win! Floyd Mayweather's visa denied due to domestic violence convictions

It has been reported that the Australian Government has denied a visa to millionaire boxer and convicted domestic violence offender Floyd Mayweather. A petition started by Angela Burrows, a crisis worker with a domestic violence service and Collective Shout's Townsville representative had amassed over 46,000 signatures when the announcement was... Read more

21 Jan
Eatons Hill Hotel 'Puppetry of the Penis' billboard sparks complaints

It has been reported that a prominent outdoor advertisement for 'Puppetry of the Penis' at the Eatons Hill Hotel has sparked complaints from the community. Read more

29 Dec
Here's what we accomplished in 2014

It’s been a massive year of campaigning at Collective Shout this year- perhaps our best yet! As the year draws to a close, we reflect back on some of our wins and favourite memories from 2014. These successes could not have been accomplished without your participation and willingness to speak... Read more


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