Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigning movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture.

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28 Aug
Sexualisation of little girls linked with negative body image - Flinders University Study

A new study from Flinders University has found that little girls are adopting potentially sexualised behaviours usually associated with teenage girls. Little girls' engagement with teen culture is linked with an increased concern with physical appearance. Over one quarter of girls aged 8-10 were concerned about how they look.  We know... Read more

13 Aug
Report: Sexism & Racism Endemic in Music Videos

Calvin Harris, DJ Snake, Basement Jaxx and Robin Thicke criticised by women’s groups citing evidence that music videos feed sexism and racism; call for age ratings Read more

13 Aug
A call to arms for girls

An article in the Irish Times discusses Steve Biddulph's book "Raising Girls." Read more

24 Jul
The Sex Factor: Mainstreaming and normalising the abuse and exploitation of women

The Sex Factor is a new reality TV program where contestants compete for the chance to become a porn star. It will be shown exclusively online. The Sex Factor is setting to profit from the mainstreaming of pornography and legitimising it as an attractive career choice for young women. It... Read more

18 Jul
A Wicked Victory

People power forces Wicked Campers to withdraw misogynistic marketing Wicked Campers withdraws sexist slogans from vans after 110,000-strong petition; petition starter Paula Orbea says it’s a “people powered win against sexism”  The campervan company at the centre of a people-powered revolt over sexist van slogans has today issued an... Read more

14 Jul
“I am a little girl and I am not a slut”: Anti Wicked Camper campaign takes off

Thousands support Sydney mother’s petition against misogynistic Wicked Campers. Wicked Campers are known for their campervans emblazoned with sexist and demeaning slogans.We’ve written about them before. One of our supporters, blogger and activist Paula Orbea, decided she had had enough after her young daughter was exposed to a certain van... Read more

11 Jul
MTR in Perth for July presentations

Melinda Tankard Reist will be back in Perth later this month. Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet Melinda and to hear her powerful message. This is a great opportunity to invite interested friends along also. Monday 21st July   Speakers Forum hosted by the Dawson Society for Philosophy and... Read more

13 Jun
Will you help support our inspiring young activist Talitha Stone to empower young people?

Collective Shout activist Talitha Stone, 25, recently made headlines across Australia and internationally for leading the campaign against US rapper, Tyler the Creator, whose lyrics glorify violence against women. Talitha asked why the Australian Government had a national plan of action to reduce violence against women while at the same... Read more

04 Jun
Fresh One under fire for pornographic coffee ads

Facebook users criticise coffee company for ‘outdated’ and ‘misogynistic’ advertising UPDATE! Coffee bean distributor roasted over porn-inspired ads takes down Facebook page via Smart Company Last week one of our supporters, Rachel, contacted us regarding Perth-based coffee company Fresh One’s Facebook page, full of sexist and porn-inspired advertising material. Click here... Read more

23 May
Collective Shout activists hijack sexist and objectifying Schick competition

Schick For Men criticised for using sexual objectification of women to sell razors Last week Lucy, one of our supporters, alerted us to Schick For Men’s sexist and objectifying new commercial and competition. The commercial depicted a young woman ripping off her t-shirt, urging viewers to ‘click here to see what... Read more


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