Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigning movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture.

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28 Jul
Honey Birdette says "In your face" to Ad Standards (and kids)

Collective Shout call for financial penalties for repeat offenders Honey Birdette are no stranger to the Advertising Standards Board. The sex shop which masquerades as a high end lingerie store in major shopping centres across Australia have repeatedly breached the advertising codes showing little regard for the self regulated system... Read more

27 Jul
There's a world of difference between sex and sexism in advertising

Originally published on The Conversation Advertising and sex are two of the oldest professions in the world. Indeed, one of the earliest uses of advertising was to advertise sexual services; prostitutes in Ancient Greece carved ads into the soles of their sandals so that their footprints read: “Follow me”. Sex... Read more

26 Jul
Jennifer Aniston Hits Back at the Media for Body Shaming and It's Brilliant

It is hard enough for women to love the skin we're in when we are bombarded daily with advertisements sending us the message we have to be hot, thin and sexy. Pornified images have become the wallpaper of society and too often the media pushes one single narrow stereotype of... Read more

25 Jul
Her daughter was sexually exploited online so this mum took action!

We have a saying at Collective Shout: "Silence is the language of complicity, speaking out is the language of change." And recently Melbourne mum, Melanie Sheppard, refused to be silent after discovering that her daughter had been sexually exploited on social media.  Read more

21 Jul
Qld Attorney General: Wicked Campers must pull vile slogans or get off the road

Palaszczuk government moves to curb offensive advertising slogans Read more

20 Jul
Global condemnation of Australian dance wear label FrilledNeck fashion

"It's important for people to be readily aware that among the (online sexual abuse) offending community these images are of significant interest" Read more

18 Jul
ABC News covers Collective Shout Frilledneck Fashion sexualisation campaign

Last week we exposed Frilledneck Fashion, a dancewear company posting sexualising images of pre-teen girls on social media. Today ABC News ran a feature on our campaign. Caitlin Roper, Campaigns Manager spoke to ABC News on adult like poses and styling of girls: Read more

15 Jul
Embrace - Let's Kickstart the Conversation about Body Image

Last night I attended a special preview screening of Taryn Brumfitt's new film Embrace. Throughout the film Taryn travels the world to interview an impressive range of women about their attitudes to their bodies including Adelaide researcher Professor Marika Tiggemann; UK talk show host/photographer Amanda de Cadenet; body confidence activist Harnaam... Read more

13 Jul
Would you like soft porn with that? McDonald's responds!

This week our petition calling on McDonald's to ditch the soft porn gained media attention, forcing them to respond. After being contacted by a journalist a McDonald's spokesperson said each fast food restaurant selected its own entertainment content and apologised to families who were exposed to the video.  Read more

13 Jul
Dancewear company Frilledneck Fashion sexualises girls

Last year we exposed global dancewear company California Kisses for posting sexualised images of underage and even pre-teen girls on their Instagram - images that attracted hundreds of comments of a sexual nature from adult men which CK failed to even moderate.  But it seems the message is not getting through. Yet... Read more


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