Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigning movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture.

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23 Oct
Victory! New Roxy Pro France trailer all surf, no sexploitation

Last year over 22,000 people signed a petition calling on Roxy to pull their 'all sex no surf' promo for the 2013 Pro Biarritz women's surf comp. The trailer featured a faceless woman writhing around semi-naked in bed and showering, many long lingering shots of her breasts and backside and... Read more

21 Oct
'We got it wrong' - Women's Health Mag apologises for semi-naked painted models at sports awards

The "I support Women in Sport" awards hosted by Women's Health Magazine faced social media condemnation for its decision to hire body painted semi-naked models to parade and pose on the red carpet for the event. We wrote about how the sexual exploitation of women in sport is harmful to... Read more

20 Oct
Ad Watchdog in Australia a dismal failure

It's no secret that the advertising industry's preferred model of regulation, self-regulation, has failed. Despite various government inquiries exploring the many flaws in the current system, as well as condemnation from child health professionals and the Australian Medical Association (AMA) the advertising industry has been given free reign to regulate themselves... Read more

01 Oct
Honey Birdette under investigation by Adelaide council

Sex shop has seven days to remove sex toys Over the past year, we’ve received numerous complaints about Honey Birdette, a store found in major shopping centres around the country. Honey Birdette is a sex shop masquerading as a high end lingerie store.  Capitalising on the popularity of BDSM themed... Read more

26 Sep
Film screening - Playground: The Child Sex Trade in America

Join us to understand the issues and how we can work together in prevention and early detection to safeguard our children. Be sure to register your attendance and book your tickets.  Click here for more details about an event near you. Read more

18 Sep
Pole dance studios push classes for children

Collective Shout's Felicity Langton appeared on Today Tonight to discuss pole dancing classes offered to children.  Click here to Watch Read more

16 Sep
Lingerie Football League recruiting school girls

Grassroots campaigning movement Collective Shout is calling on schools to be alert to the Lingerie Football League recruiting underage girls and to refuse to host practices or events on school premises. Read more

09 Sep
Ad Standards Board rules on "Fresh One" coffee ads

A few months ago, we were alerted to Perth based coffee bean distributor Fresh One, a brand that was posting pornographic advertising on their Facebook page to promote coffee beans. We shared this information with supporters and encouraged them to make a formal complaint to the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB)... Read more

08 Sep
Violence against women in fashion

Melinda Tankard Reist spoke with Waleed Aly on Radio National about the depiction of violence against women in advertising.  Read more

28 Aug
Sexualisation of little girls linked with negative body image - Flinders University Study

A new study from Flinders University has found that little girls are adopting potentially sexualised behaviours usually associated with teenage girls. Little girls' engagement with teen culture is linked with an increased concern with physical appearance. Over one quarter of girls aged 8-10 were concerned about how they look.  We know... Read more


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