Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigning movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture.

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05 Oct
Sexist Carl's Jr burger chain coming to Australia

US chain Carl’s Jr, notorious for their porn-themed television commercials, is opening their first restaurant in Australia, with the brand declaring their intentions to continue using sexually objectifying advertising in public spaces. As reported by The Daily Telegraph: BIG burgers, bottomless drinks and busty bikini-clad women make up the US... Read more

29 Sep
Chris Brown's Australian visa application denied

The US singer has 28 days to appeal Read more

22 Sep
Zoo shuts down: one less vehicle for sexism and promotion of male entitlement

Collective Shout takes credit for hastening Zoo’s demise: Coles dumping title was ‘catastrophic for sales’ Read more

18 Sep
How long can the sex industry deny trafficking?

“Their passports are taken. They are told they are here to undertake sexual services and they will not be paid." As published at Melinda Tankard Reist AFP reveals sex trafficking based in Sydney brothels How can the sex industry continue to deny the reality of trafficking in this country? Of... Read more

16 Sep
A discussion about Freedom of Speech and Tyler the Creator

Music reviews and news site 'I probably hate your band' published an article exploring freedom of speech and Tyler the Creator. Collective Shout's Caitlin Roper was interviewed along with journalist and author Brendan O'Neill who presented an opposing view.  Read more

15 Sep
Sydney Cruise Bar serves up sexual objectification: naked women used as fruit platters

If their product and service was any good, they wouldn't need sexual objectification to sell it Sydney venue 'Cruise Bar' hired nude female models to lie naked on tables and act as fruit platters for its 'relaunch' party. Invitations to the event described the stunt as a "re-enactment of a... Read more

28 Aug
Tyler the Creator denied entry to UK

“Coming to the UK is a privilege, and we expect those who come here to respect our shared values." - UK Home Office As reported by The Guardian: Read more

20 Aug
Submission: Legislative Assembly Select Committee Inquiry on the Regulation of Brothels

Click here to read submission (PDF) Read more

18 Aug
Coles to bin Zoo after employee complaints - will Woolworths do the right thing and #binzoomag?

"Other young women in my work force will no longer have to put up with selling a magazine that promotes rape culture" A petition calling on supermarkets Coles and Woolworths to stop selling 'lads mag' Zoo Weekly has resulted in Coles agreeing to discontinue the misogynistic, all-ages porn mag.  Read more

14 Aug
Why 'don't like it, don't listen' isn't enough: Caitlin Roper writes about Tyler the Creator for SMH

Caitlin Roper writes about the campaign against Tyler the Creator for the Sydney Morning Herald Read more


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