Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigning movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture.

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24 Jun
Unilever take pledge ditch the sexism. Do we buy it?

"It's time to challenge and change how we portray gender in our advertising" - Unilever marketing officer  Is this really happening? We hope so. Unilever has a history of sexist and exploitative advertising and has let us down before. Here's some background. Unilever is the parent company for many different brands... Read more

23 Jun
Sexualised ads are harming kids

This year advertising agency Badger & Winters made a commitment to never objectify women in their work. Alongside this announcement they also launched their #WomenNotObjects campaign - calling out objectification in advertising, which quickly went global. This week at Cannes Badger & Winters Chief Creative Officer revealed their latest 'What... Read more

20 Jun
Stuart Weitzman selling sexploitation that harms women and girls

In late 2015, model Gisele Bündchen starred in an advertising campaign for Stuart Weitzman, a luxury American footwear brand. In one shot for the campaign, Bündchen reclines in a white shirt, its buttons undone to the middle of her chest and her legs bare; in another she squats, topless, in... Read more

20 Jun
25 Reasons Why Ad Industry Self-Regulation is a Disaster

We've spent years dealing with the Advertising Standards Board, and in this time, we've seen the many flaws in the system- one we argue needs a complete upheaval. Of course, the industry likes things exactly the way they are. As the Australia Institute said in the Letting Children Be Children... Read more

17 Jun
The Face of Origin: sexual objectification of women in football culture

Will the NRL take a stand against sexploitation events hijacking its brand? Read more

15 Jun
Another sexploitation event: Women treated as objects of sexual recreation at Adelaide Victory venue

[*Update: FFSA have replied. Their response is posted at the bottom of the article.] A few weeks ago we wrote an article on SBS about a local South Australian soccer club hosting a men's night complete with strippers down at the club. The event sparked a lot of discussion on... Read more

14 Jun
Care to change the future?

Your chance to change the future starts now. Research tells us our young people are suffering rising rates of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, body hatred. As well, 58% of girls receive uninvited sexually explicit material (texts, video clips, p*rnography), 70% are harassed online. Read more

13 Jun
Down with Derulo at family-friendly event

Working with Collective Shout, it’s not often we can confidently celebrate timely and appropriate action taken by those we’re trying to get onside, ahem, Jay Jays, Honey Birdette, Wicked Campers, Guess… But, this time, we can safely breath a sigh of relief as Blacktown City Council takes swift and decisive... Read more

10 Jun
Ad Standards Board uphold complaints against Wicked Campers chicken and egg van

Click here to read the case report Read more

08 Jun
Ad Standards Board dismissed complaints against Ultra Tune carwash ad

Click here to read the determination Read more


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