Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigning movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture.

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23 Feb
Law firm's sexual innuendo fine according to the Advertising Standards Board

If you are looking for legal services in the Brisbane area you may want to give Logan Law a miss. Their sexist advertising has lead to complaints to the Advertising Standards Board, who have subsequently dismissed the complaints. (Probably because there is nothing in the code of ethics to address... Read more

22 Feb
Harmful Wicked Campers' vans face deregistration in NT

Wicked Campers' vans with banned slogans will not be able to be registered in the Northern Territory and pressure is on for other jurisdictions to follow suit.  Read more

20 Feb
Matalan Bra-gate: How Speaking Out Leads to Cultural Change

Trigger warning: This blog contains references to child sexual abuse, please be aware of and prioritise your own well-being. Shopping with my with my 10 year old daughter one Sunday afternoon, she suggested she needed new school socks. I could not have envisioned the chain of events that would quickly... Read more

17 Feb
Win! Cancer Council intervenes with fundraiser that objectifies women

Fundraising for charities is a noble goal, one that we particularly appreciate the value of, being a charity that runs solely on donations ourselves. But recently a group decided to fundraise for the Cancer Council by holding an event at Schnitz'N'Tits.  A copy of the flyer on the groups Facebook... Read more

15 Feb
Vile vans vilify no more – it’s the law

The QLD government released a statement yesterday to announce that commercial operators who refuse to remove offensive slogans from their vehicles will have their registrations cancelled under new laws coming into force next month. “With this legislation, vehicles registered in Queensland displaying sexist, obscene or otherwise offensive advertising may face... Read more

14 Feb
Words Matter

"I’ve compiled a list of around a hundred words, all positive, and none which have anything to do with looks, or titles. Instead I’ve chosen words to reflect who the girls are inside." - Sesame Ellis, Photoblogger The girls are asked to pick three words from the list to describe... Read more

13 Feb
Honey Birdette breach advertising code of ethics.....again

When will changes be made to the failed advertising self regulation system? In December last year Honey Birdette released a series of posters for display in their shop windows around the country. Consumers lodged their complaints with the Advertising Standards Board who eventually determined that two of the four posters... Read more

08 Feb
Campaigns Manager, Caitlin Roper, in The Sydney Morning Herald today on Fifty Shades Darker

"The popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey is a testament to how far we have yet to come in working to end men's violence against women."  Our Campaigns Manager, Caitlin Roper, is in The Sydney Morning Herald today on 'Why you should boycott the Fifty Shades Darker movie'. The film will be... Read more

07 Feb
Campaigns Manager, Caitlin Roper, speaks to 92.9fm regarding the #50Dollarsnot50Shades campaign

Read more

02 Feb
Woman stripping to promote discount sale is A-OK according to the Ad Standards Board

The Board noted the advertised product is clothing and considered that it was not exploitative to use a woman wearing the advertised product. The Board noted that the woman is shown to lift her top up and expose her stomach. The Board noted the complainant’s concern that by showing a... Read more


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