Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigning movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture.

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03 Aug
Collective Shout stands with sex trade survivors in open letter to Amnesty International

Amnesty International turns its back on prostitution survivors, sides with pimps Amnesty International has long been known as a global movement working to defend and protect human rights, to speak against exploitation and abuse, and to stand up for some of the most vulnerable and oppressed people in the world.This... Read more

30 Jul
Watch: Complex News reports on Tyler the Creator campaign

Via Complex News - Watch the video below "Tyler, The Creator tweeted this afternoon that he's been banned from entering the country and thus canceled his upcoming tour dates. Over the weekend, Earl Sweatshirt punched a fan on stage in Sydney after they rushed behind him during his performance. Tyler... Read more

28 Jul
Solidarity with Coralie Alison as Tyler the Creator fans send death threats

US rapper Tyler the Creator has announced that he has been banned from Australia. This is yet to be confirmed by the Department of Immigration, but that hasn't stopped Tyler the Creator's fans from unleashing their rage. In a statement of solidarity, End Online Misogyny has published a sample of the... Read more

28 Jul
5 Reasons Why Amnesty International's Resolution Is A Mistake

Survivors of prostitution and sex trafficking speak out against Amnesty's proposal to decriminalise pimping and purchasing women for sexual exploitation.  Five Reasons Why Amnesty International’s Resolution to Decriminalize the Sex Industry is a Deadly Mistake Amnesty International (AI) will vote to deregulate the commercial sex industry worldwide at its International Council... Read more

27 Jul
Real sexist, real objectification: Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics is a 'featured brand' of department store chain Myer. This is how the brand is currently advertised.  Read more

23 Jul
Buyinvite exposed selling child sexual abuse themed sex toys for men

*Content Warning- products and product descriptions may be distressing* Last week Collective Shout activists exposed online fashion club Buyinvite for selling a range of paedophilic sex toys for men, including sex toys modelled on the vaginas of young girls. One of these items is the Hustler Barely Legal Pussy, accompanied... Read more

21 Jul
An Open Letter to Triple J- Stop Supporting Tyler the Creator

Collective Shout supporter Sheenah calls on radio station to explain their silence on Tyler the Creator's incitement to violence against women. In 2014 a member from hip hop band Bliss and Eso made an insensitive comment about domestic violence, putting up an instagram post that mocked violence against women. I... Read more

18 Jul
WIN! Learning Cloud removes "too ugly to sleep your way to the top" ad

Last week we were alerted to an ad by education provider Learning Cloud, featuring on their Twitter and Facebook page. What were they thinking? We shared the image with our supporters, encouraging them to contact the company.  Within an hour, Learning Cloud had responded on our original thread that they... Read more

17 Jul
Sexualised violence isn't OK just because a woman does it: MTR on Rihanna's 'BBHMM' filmed torture

Sexualised Violence isn’t Alright, Just because a Woman is the Perpetrator BBHMM revels in the eroticization of total power, control and domination over another woman. But we are expected to see it as empowering, because Rihanna and her henchwomen are the agents of this control By Melinda Tankard Reist  A... Read more

14 Jul
The Mask You Live In: Challenging harmful cultural messages about masculinity

One of the most moving experiences I have had as a speaker addressing young people around the country, took place about a year ago when a Year 11 student in a WA secondary school stood to his feet during the discussion time following my talk on how our culture shaped... Read more


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