Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge

The Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge is a statement of intention by an organisation to be respectful of women and girls in advertising and marketing. We are looking for organisations to agree to the statements listed below.

We pledge that:

  • We will not publish images or messages that objectify women or girls; nor will we carry products, or provide services, that involve such images or messages. Objectification means presenting a person as an object for another person’s use or enjoyment, and it includes a gratuitous focus on a particular body part or parts.

  • We will not carry products, or provide services, that encourage children to think physical attractiveness is necessary to social success.

  • We will not carry products for girls, promote products to girls, or provide services to girls that bear any mark, brand or logo associated with pornography or the systematic objectification of women.

  • We will not carry products for girls, or provide services to girls, that resemble or reflect any product or service habitually used by women to enhance their sexual appeal.

  • Where an error is made we pledge to rectify it as soon as possible.

We further undertake to fulfil all the above pledges in a spirit of respect and responsibility towards the consumer and the broader society; and of recognition of the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

If you would like to sign on as a pledge partner please complete your details below or email and we will forward you the agreement.

(Do you know of an organisation that would be interested in signing on? Print out our brochure for them or send them the link today!)

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