Why don’t you include men in your mission statement? It’s not right to objectify men either.


Sexualised representations have increased for both men and women over the last few decades, however hyper-sexualised images of women (but not men) have skyrocketed. Women are more likely than men to be viewed as objects, even when both genders are portrayed in similar sexualised ways. Women also objectify other women at the same rate as men.   

We do not support equal opportunity objectification, but the reality is that it is primarily women who are objectified in our culture. Even a brief look at the media and advertising landscape demonstrates that this is the case. Women are also far more likely to be impacted negatively by objectification than men. This is why our activism is primarily concerned with issues affecting women and girls.

We do, however, encourage people to speak out against objectification wherever it is seen - including against the objectification of men and boys. Everyone is welcome to use our website, Facebook and Twitter for awareness raising and advice, along with relevant complaints processes.

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